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Eclipse Origins - 2D MMORPG Maker

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Introducing Eclipse Origins 4!

What is it?

Eclipse Origins 4 is the new official game engine of this site. It is an all-in-one game development suite that allows you to start up a client and server application and immediately begin creation your own 2D ORPG, unlike its predecessor has many new features including player housing with drag and drop furniture options, zones which allow you to cluster maps together and assign groups of NPCs to them in which travel from map to map (useful for big forests, deserts, etc), a brand new and ready to go quest system, huge optimizations to both the client and server giving up to 5x the FPS on some computers compared to EO 3.0, built in options for full screen and a lot more!


  • There are too many to think of them all but here are a few of the many edits.
  • Server list that allows you to connect to any EO 4 based game with the same client.
  • Built in content updater for your games.
  • Class editor that will help you give you an easy way to setup classes and character creation.
  • Multiple NPC item drops.
  • Stackable items (non-currency).
  • Banks/shops/trading works with drag and drop.
  • NPCs can pick up and steal items.
  • In-game mailing system with Item attachments.
  • Friends List.
  • Click to walk with actual pathfinding.
  • Event System Upgrades (Show faces in dialogues, show pictures on screen, quest system integration, etc).
  • Zoning System (Allows for grouping of maps & NPCs assigned to a zone to move from map to map within the zone).
  • An amazing error handler that reports errors to a file with information for JC instead of throwing RTEs everywhere.
  • Player Housing System with click/drag furniture.
  • Quest system.
  • Pet/Summoning system.
  • Multiple characters per account.
  • Ability to click, drag, and resize all GUI elements using our external GUI editor.

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