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@dark I’m glad you like the programs and that it worked for you. Andur has a few problems with the scrollbars, it’s most likely caused by different form measurements from computer to computer (eg. form borders)

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  • lol we all have that idea XD

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  • Z

    Hello everyone !
    I got some news for you :
    -Better IA : NPC can now follow the player
    -Bug fix (as always)
    -New sprites :
    What do you guys think about it ?
    For the future :
    -Making a better IA : pathfinding and attacking players.
    -More animations for the sprite
    -Male and Female version of your character
    -Equipping stuff like paperdoll
    -Custom hair

    See you !

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  • Client verification? Lol, it wouldn’t surprise me if you also had that idea, though

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  • @mohenjo-daro thanks lol and which idea?

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