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  • Sharing My Music and Sound FX - Over 1200 Tracks

    Happy Thursday Everyone,

    This week’s new music tracks are:

    "Riding Sky Waves"
    on the Events/Travel 2 page

    “Arcade Madness” (Looping)
    on the Funny 5 page

    “The Bit Builders” (Looping)
    on the Chiptunes 2 page

    And I’ve created a bunch of brand new sound effects that might come in handy for home/apartment interiors:

    SFX - Household


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  • Building a Library of Images for Everyone

    Happy Tuesday everyone,

    I’ve uploaded a bunch of new corroded metal images…you’ll find them here:

    TXR - Metal

    I’ve also started a brand new page for abstract images. It’s here:

    TXR - Abstract

    And stay tuned for new sound effects and music tracks coming on Thursday on my other thread.

    In the meantime, have a good week!

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  • Title system for forum

    Hello peeps,

    I have a request to ask …
    You guys know what would be good … "A FORUM TITLE SYSTEM"
    So here we go , a poll will do. Let us all vote if this is a good idea or not.

    Thank you
    ~Nutella king out, peace✌ ~

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  • Forum styles updated

    Hi everyone,

    This is just a friendly notice that we’ve updated parts of the overall styling on the forums. Hopefully this makes content more accessible for everyone.

    Feel free to PM me with any other suggestions!

    ~ Zyn

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  • hello



    Maybe not all that easy. Some people are so incredibly unlucky that engine
    will create a seemingly endless loop of folders in folders instead of putting the files
    somewhere in there…

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  • ER 1.9.0 Upcoming

    I have a bit of an update for ya’ll. I’ve been working on an generic saving and loading code. This code should be able to load any collection I give it, and load it as well. So instead of the map saving/loading being extremely long and needing the user to add any new data added to the rec, it will be automatically added, saved, and loaded.

    I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile, but I kept seeing posts on forums saying it was impossible, and I didn’t have much reason to try it until this upcoming update. I was shown a post on the AGD forums asking about this very thing, and I decided I might as well give it another try.

    Saving and Loading

    The image above is showing the same data saved and loaded with the different methods.

    The first method (the top data) is saved and loaded by the current method in Eclipse (each member of data is hard coded in the saving and loading subs).

    The second method (the bottom data) is saved and loaded by being looped through and has each member automatically saved. The same code that saves Players will save maps, NPCs, resources, etc…


    I’ll be showing the recs and data used in the code to show what the saving/loading code is able to do, but I won’t be showing off the code for it. That’s about 300 lines that I don’t fell like pasting here (and another 300 lines if I include some of the code for using class names).

    Here’s the Player declaration:

    Public Player As New clsPlayer

    Notice that the Player is a class (the class just holds collections, so it can be considered a collection rather than a class, but both are objects and treated basically the same).

    Here’s the Rec that the clsPlayer collection uses:

    Public Type StatRec Name As String Value As Long End Type Public Type PlayerRec Name As String Vital(1 To Vitals.Vital_Count - 1) As Long Stats As clsStat End Type

    As shown, it uses a String (length isn’t defined), Array, Long, Class (this is another collection that doesn’t have a set number of UDTs ), and UDT.

    And, as you can see in the above picture, the saving/loading has no issue with the strings or collections. The Name 4 data doesn’t have Mnd or Agi stats (I left those out to test the collection size), and the saving/loading had no issue with that.

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