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@newwun Yes, it’ll have item info on mouse hover/click (depending on how you want it), and a built in updater to make it easy to distribute updates

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  • They’re also copyrighted and not safe to use in any projects free or commercial.

    For example:
    File: n°35 is the ‘Soul Driver’ skill from the class ‘Mihile’ in MapleStory.

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  • Man if you put out more animations of this quality, I wouldn’t have a problem buying art work.

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  • Nice share! There’s a problem I found and it’s that each frame is a separate image and since there are so many animations in here, putting each into one image will take a lot of time. Great share though :D

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  • H

    Speak friends, I’m bringing this package of animations in HD, I see that several people always use the same animations, I hope it helps in someone’s project, if they like, I’ll bring more.

    alt text

    alt text

    License: They can be used for commercial or non-commercial projects.


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