• Eclipse Renewal is an engine made in VB6 based off of Eclipse Origins 3.0. It’s main purpose is to offer many optional features to help you make a unique game.

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  • I'm Back!


    welcome back

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  • Building a Library of Images for Everyone

    Happy Saturday, everyone,

    New free seamless images are ready here:



    Have a good weekend!

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  • I'm Back!


    Hello Everyone! I’m back-ish!

    I go by the name TDog or Dog, and it’s been a really really long time. Over 8 years to be fair. Over 9 years ago I was around 12-13 when I joined the Eclipse community. It was known as TouchOfDeath forums back then and Marsh was the owner. I wanted to create a game known as Erra Of War (aware of the spelling mistake, I was young). I also worked with Kraken on a gnome style GTA game, and helped with a lot of programming questions and other projects.

    The community helped me get into game development, but more importantly and specifically, programming. I left the community 8 years ago due to some toxicity and political matters that happened back then, along with being a typical High School student with girls and such. Eclipse helped me learn programming using VB6.

    I went on to High School and took a VB.NET and C++ course. After High School, I moved on and I got my Bachelors in Computer Science. The last couple years of my Bachelors I got a job as a full time Software Developer making business applications for manufacturing clients using VB.NET, C#, and SQL. I just recently moved to a much larger city with much larger pay and now working with C#, SQL, and web development languages like ASP.NET and Ruby on Rails. Even though I do programming at work, I still enjoy going home and working on side projects, and learning more and more programming. I now have around 4 years of professional Software Developer experience and still growing every day. So between my professional and personal experience, I have roughly 10-11 years.

    A couple days ago I thought about this community and decided to check on things and see what has happened over the years. Even though I see the community has been broken into at least 2 websites (which is sad to see), I was thinking of maybe being some help. Even though I do have my own side projects I am working on (they are not games), I feel like I need to give back at least a little to the community that started it all for me. Maybe help with some programming questions, and maybe assist with building an engine.

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  • The dysfunctional Family Reunion


    I will be attending.

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  • The dysfunctional Family Reunion


    What’s up guys? It’s ya boi, OG Crest Toothpaste, and i’m dropping you the most toxic cross-community family reunion.
    Let’s be honest, the drama between communities is kinda annoying and not good for anyone. Since no one can ever seem to get what they want between communities, maybe we can start co-existing. So tonight at 8pm Eastern time, I will be hosting a dysfunctional family reunion in the spirit of the Golden Age of eclipse. Stop by the Salem Game Development Discord Voice chats for games, laughs, and building connections and friendships and all that good shit.

    Everyone is welcome (Bans on any community are not applied on SalemGDK) and this invite will be posted by on the following communities:

    Salem Game Development (Run by me, OddlyDoddly)
    Eklepze Eringez (Run by Zynato)
    Ascension Game Development (Run by JCSnider)
    RPGOrigin (Run by GeneralAwesome)

    Sure this is probably a bad idea, but it’s freaking hilarious to even think about, so come one come all and bring your dankest memes!

    Discord Join Link:

    Have members asking about the following vets, if anyone has contact with them send invites:

    CMFiend (who i can't remember what his current username is) @Robin @GWAR (who i know is here from time to time) We had people from other communities asking about @Agoraphobic @Richy Ranqe @lurv @Mighty Professional I'd personally like to see soul again if anyone can find him

    People who have confirmed to come or will at least try:

    Crest, Skyward Kasplant Phen Crzy the hated dog GeneralAwesome Rob Aesthetic/Azizile

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  • ER Road Map


    This is what I’ll be testing in the next version of ER. With how I’m changing the loading, it might be able to handle a lot of players, but there are a lot of factors that go into it. Only time will tell how many players and maps it will handle.

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