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Andi's Pixel Shop

Hi, welcome to my shop. I offer affordable prices, fast-delivery, and quality sprites and tiles. 
If you're in need of fresh, cute, and fun sprites & tiles, you've come to the correct place. 
Visit for updated works 
Contact me via a private message,, or Skype (revangale.c)
(03-07-2016, 10:46 AM)Abyss Wrote:
Andiii made me some hairs and they are amazing. Really making the sprite come to life.

Also no trouble with delivery and he is more than willing to listen to suggestions. 
Can only recommend this guy. 

(He's pretty cheap too, but don't tell him)

(02-23-2016, 01:54 PM)Timty Wrote: I can only recommend it! Fast action, high quality, and fast delivery!

(11-11-2015, 08:56 AM)Minko Wrote: I've just had a sprite made by Andii and I couldn't be happier. This was the first time I've ever had any kind of art custom made for me so I was a bit nervous but Andii was great to work with and made the whole process simple, he kept me updated via Skype and was happy to listen to my feedback.

So 10/10. Would order more art from Andii and will be in the near future!

(08-18-2015, 07:54 AM)whitespirits Wrote: I have used Andy for various character items, he is very fast with great quality and will tune things if u need alterations ASAP Smile

(07-14-2015, 09:08 PM)Nate Melo Wrote: Andy is doing a 100+ piece commission and I have never seen anyone deliver results quicker than he has.
Quality, speed, and accuracy. Any differences I wanted changed were minor, and done immediately. Recommended 100%.

(07-13-2015, 09:31 PM)SamuGames Wrote:
Currently have Andii doing commission worked for a Mobile/Tablet game, and I couldn't be happier.
His prices are extremely fair, he keeps you updated with screenshots and adjusts his art to suit your needs.
A+, 5 Stars, I can't recommend this guy enough! Best artist on the site!

(06-04-2015, 09:53 PM)PokemonDev Wrote:
andi did a very excelent job on his graphic design (pixel arted main character looks like a beast!) will definitely recommend andi and will be buying more graphics off this guy. thanks andi.

(05-17-2015, 10:20 AM)Fabzy Wrote:
Andi did some great work for me today, finished on the same day as request to the exact standard that i asked.
I asked him to mimic a certain style which i wanted and gave him an example and you wouldn't even be able to tell a different artist produced the work.
Highly recommended and i will defiantly be a repeat customer

(01-07-2015, 02:51 AM)Johnson Wrote:
andii just did some amazing pixel art for me it was outstanding got the exact concept i wanted (most important thing for me) and in a great time for a great price would hire again for sure. If you need someone who works fast hire this guy.

(01-16-2015, 10:49 AM)hisherwin Wrote:
Andii does a great work, he made the things i can't do for just a minute or two

(01-02-2015, 05:28 PM)JustinSD Wrote:
Andi does great work, I've paid him in full in the past and he's not stiffed me on work.
Highly Recommended. 

(12-13-2014, 05:37 AM)Styker Wrote:
Messaged Him with a sprite request and He was responsive immediately and as soon as we talked out the request and payment was sent, he started immediately and finished very quickly while keeping me updated on the status. Great Job definitely recommended if you want good sprites done in a timely manner! 10/10! undefined

(12-09-2014, 02:51 AM)Spyze Wrote:
I will give you a little story,
I contact Andy at 00:00 ( Paris time )
At 00:15 contact etablish
00:30 Say what i need
00:45 Pay Him
2 Hours later work finish for 8 paperdolls with 8 frames eachs
One thing to say this guy was AMAZING, perfect work, beatifull an FASTEST as i ever know, don't Hesitate call him you don't lost money and time undefined
Thank you Buddy !

(07-27-2014, 04:08 AM)Jaxx Wrote:
Fantastic person and work. Would recommend to anyone who is in the need for a little pixel art.

(07-23-2014, 03:37 AM)George Wrote:
From what he has done so far I'd give him a 4 outta 5 star rating, He is fast and he works with you. granted he does have his own style on things he can mimic to a certain extent though that's reasonable for what I am needing. --- I will finish this review after i'm done buying art from him. 

(06-03-2014, 06:33 AM)terroPKK Wrote:
Not only did he give me exactly What i asked for he did it in a fraction of the time and a fraction of the price of others at his skill level! Highly Recommended! I know i my self will be coming back!

(03-19-2014, 02:03 AM)deathtaker26 Wrote:
awesome developer, got work done fast, effeciently, and for a great price!

The Doctor Wrote:
I would like to thank Andii for the great sprites he just completed. He was able to complete them in a great time frame. Well worth the money. He was able to get the detail for the sprite really good. These sprites will look awesome in my game. As long as he is accepting work, I'll come to him before anyone else. This is for sure. Awesome pricing also.

RCG Wrote:
Just put the seal on the final transaction with Andii for some control textures Elliott and I will be using for Mavra 2D.  Although I didn't ask for much he delivered exactly what I wanted (after many modifications) at a low price in a timely manner.  Definitely on my list for future work. 

Some of my work
Elemental Origins
[Image: benders_by_revangale-d6u4yqc.png]
[Image: lower_ring_ba_sing_se_mockup_by_revangale-d6vffgg.png]
Zelts! ORPG
[Image: zelts__orpg__inner_city_by_revangale-d6py9e0.png]
[Image: b9c62710576a0bf425e40a0384e88c1d-d6i0h8g.gif]
[Image: mockup5__r1035285211.png]
Counter-Strike FanArt
[Image: bombsitea_by_revangale-d8j6qp8.gif]
[Image: counter_terrorists_vs_terrorists_by_reva...8jolyo.gif]
StarCraft FanArt
[Image: 5c18g2r.png]
[Image: pixel__5__starcraft_2_demake___pvt_blink...6i9afr.png]
[Image: pk1bEaD.gif]
[Image: TN23VJx.gif]
[Image: 85Fmrue.gif]
[Image: sidescroller_mockup__2_by_revangale-d76fwla.gif]
[Image: claus2.gif]
[Image: celador_online__login_menu_by_revangale-d6r90kz.png]
(background by me)
[Image: pixel_1___ramen_house_by_revangale-d6oykbk.gif]
[Image: 16bit__r1338285211.png]
[Image: chibitown.png]
Commissioned Works
[Image: 2qX2Aad.gif]
[Image: AlKjgfc.png]
[Image: zgGlVjP.png]
[Image: f4woRm1.png]
[Image: 4PGStN8.png]
(Sprites not by me, Property of Marigate Online))
[Image: h1W3N4W.png]
[Image: mO1iatN.png]
[Image: QIWJN4x.png]
, or Skype (revangale.c)
[Image: gxANaMx.gif]

wow nice work, genuine talent there :>


Quote:wow nice work, genuine talent there :>

Thanks! Your sig is very educational xD, or Skype (revangale.c)
[Image: gxANaMx.gif]

I'm not really interested but i'm curious .

Erm Sprite with 16x16 size will still cause $10..


Quote:I'm not really interested but i'm curious .

Erm Sprite with 16x16 size will still cause $10..



General Price (negotiable) ♫", or Skype (revangale.c)
[Image: gxANaMx.gif]


I love the Ichiraku Ramen shop! Big Grin


I am interested!


dude i love you work wow i might pm you soon
I'll be waiting Big Grin


I love the Ichiraku Ramen shop! Big Grin
Thanks!, or Skype (revangale.c)
[Image: gxANaMx.gif]

He did the sand tiles, palm trees, and water for Chaoscraft. Did a wonderful job, much better with tiles than sprites in my opinion, but hes quick when he gets to it, and he's worth the money. He's also very flexible with prices, he has a much cutsier and cartoony look to his artwork, but its a very great style and he did a wonderful job. Chances are I'll be back for more ^.^


Bump in a month, or Skype (revangale.c)
[Image: gxANaMx.gif]

Does amazing works !


Damn dude, nice work! How much would it cost to do the background for a side scroll map?


Damn dude, nice work! How much would it cost to do the background for a side scroll map?

Thanks Smile


A simple background like this, will be $3. More detailed will be $5-7.

[Image: sidescroller_mockup__2_by_revangale-d76fwla.gif], or Skype (revangale.c)
[Image: gxANaMx.gif]


Out of curiosity, how much would a basic tileset (so, grass, mud (with transitions), trees, a few rocks, etc) to the same quality cost?

Thanks Smile


A simple background like this, will be $3. More detailed will be $5-7.

[Image: sidescroller_mockup__2_by_revangale-d76fwla.gif]
Noice! I'm going to be getting some cash starting tomorrow after I get my new pet I'll be sure to get some of your stuff!

Quote:Out of curiosity, how much would a basic tileset (so, grass, mud (with transitions), trees, a few rocks, etc) to the same quality cost?

Roughly $13. A quick heads up but my sidescroller style and standard directional style are different., or Skype (revangale.c)
[Image: gxANaMx.gif]

Andiii, you're simply amazing.  Smile


Could you make 128x128 sprites in this style? I need it for an app and how much would it cost for a couple of frames? Would you be willing to collaborate if I just hire to for the project so you're my goto guy for graphics?

[Image: gunangel_scott_pilgrim_sprite_by_gunangel2-d2xyq9e.jpg]



Yea, I can do a 128 x 128 version of the sprite. It'll be $5, and $1 each additional frame.


We can talk more on skype if you want: revangale.c


We can also collaborate if you want, but I recently got a job, so my hours are limited now., or Skype (revangale.c)
[Image: gxANaMx.gif]

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