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Anyone remember runescape classic?


I'm sure you all remember of a game called runescape, but how many of you have played the original version, now called runescape classic? Unfortunately they lock it down at times and it's always required a membership in recent times, but I have playing around in the "private server" scene awhile, and they are actually upgrading a 16 year old game!

For instance, has plans to make some cool dungeons and add new skills to the game. I like to think of it as nostalgia with a twist! You can also play on your android phone. I am going to bug them to add it for the iPhone, I think the reason they don't do it is because it can't run java, but I am sure someone can come up with a work around.

Anyway, I'm still playing runescape (the oldest version). How about you guys?

Oh hells yea, old school runescape was awesome.
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Yes you are right, that was a great game!

yep I play osrs, current paying member. always been my favorite game, in fact I am using eclipse renewal to make a game with the osrs landscape layout since I know it like the back of my hands. not making gameplay like rs only the layout of the land and i will be using some of the crafting items like making clay pots and picking wheat and turning it into flour things like that.

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