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There's definitely a bug in Botster's brain searching capabilities if it responds to "Bye?" with "Brazil", that isn't expected behaviour. I'm completely refactoring the code right now so that in itself will most likely reveal some bugs. I'll also closely analyse Botster's logs too to ensure that everything is working correctly.


Ye got a problem there:

[Image: TgkcFGz.png]

[Image: main.png]

Ye got a problem there

Thanks for reporting it, I stumbled across it the same time as you. I've now fixed the error and have updated the website with the latest build of Botster. You should now not get any errors when saying "Faux" Smile.

Seems that even my alias is a problem maker. Sorry for that xD

Now he is making fun of me  Sad

[Image: tOxDYbk.png]

[Image: main.png]

YOU: Hello
BOT: Hi.
YOU: How are you?
BOT: Good.
YOU: What are you up to?
BOT: Sugar.
YOU: Sugar? Is that the name of a prostitute?
BOT: A. Liek ur mom.
YOU: Woah, offensive. Take it back.
BOT: Ikr. I do not understand.
YOU: Apologize now!
BOT: Are you high?
YOU: Dammit.
BOT: What happened?
YOU: You called my mother a prostitute
BOT: Whatever.
YOU: * you, then
BOT: * fuckity * fuck *.




YOU: I hate you

BOT: I love you.
YOU: Really?
BOT: For real.
YOU: Thanks, that means a lot
BOT: No means yes.
YOU: Woah... it doesn't mean that much.
BOT: Ikr. *eats you*.
YOU: rape!
BOT: I wish.
BOT: Let me out.


How many people are crest...

YOU: !shutdown
BOT: Fred.
YOU: !kill
BOT: Even if I could kill a human I would not.
YOU: !stop
BOT: Strange.
YOU: !end
BOT: Do not take this the wrong way - but I have a strong feeling that your parents probably hate you.


Botster has been updated with the progress I've made so far. A major flaw in brain searching has been fixed so you should get much better responses now.


Based on some things this bot says people have had some odd conversations with it. O.o

Some of my favorite things:
[Image: enGQi3n.png]

Botster has had some more updates:
  • The layout has been revamped and made responsive.
  • The 'new conversation' button has been removed, you now must refresh the page to clear the chat log.
  • Preprogrammed responses to things such as "What's the time?", "what did I just say?", "What did you say?" have been removed. These were way too specific and were an early (and poor) attempt to interpret the input.
  • AJAX requests have been made efficient by sending and receiving JSON instead of HTML.
The new layout:

[Image: Hhf7QTo.png]


The layout has been redesigned again! It now works on all browsers (including older ones), and its responsiveness has been improved for easier use of smaller screened devices.


After investigating bad responses in Botster's log, I discovered that the fulltext search wasn't working correctly. After repairing the table, the responses have drastically improved. This bug has probably gone back years undiscovered.


All of Botster's old conversations stretching back to when they first started being recorded (start of 2011) have been dug out from backups and re-added. The total number of conversations is now just under 20 thousand. Botster's brain currently contains a large amount of spam which was let in from older learning systems. We plan to look into using these conversations to re-generate Botster's brain, running it through the current, up-to-date filtering system. If this re-generation experiment creates a better brain that what's current, it could be used regularly to keep the brain maintained.

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