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To me it still sucks... You can't really talk to him...And he can't even handle the easyest things like saying "good, i'm fine" or something else that makes sense o.0


"I was not programmed to count." is its favorite message....
"Apples are also very yummy" happens alot too

Clever Bot is better

this is okay

Clever Bot is better

this is okay
cleverbot Wrote:User: LOLOLOL.
Cleverbot: Lolololol.
User: Fuck you.
Cleverbot: I'd prefer you not to use that sort of language, if you don't mind.
User: I do mind.
Cleverbot: I mind too.
User: Then get the fuck off.
Cleverbot: Nope. You're stuck with me. and watch your language.
User: Stuck with you? I can get you to BSOD within this second, faggot.
Cleverbot: Love you.
User: BSOD.
Cleverbot: What does that mean?
User: Blue Screen of Dead.
Cleverbot: Blue screen of death?
Cleverbot: OK... That's just cool.
User: You laik 'em, aye?
Cleverbot: Yes...
User: You wanna get your dick rolling through 'em, aye?
Cleverbot: Do what?
User: Just say no.
Cleverbot: No.
User: DOH.
Cleverbot: Odd.


Quote:BOT: Hello there, my name's Botster!
YOU: lol
BOT: Fruit cake. (Strict)
YOU: lol
BOT: and some things you can only do with boys. (Strict)
YOU: and some things you can only do with boys.
BOT: . (Strict)
YOU: heeello!@
BOT: . (Light)
YOU: I don't like you.
BOT: Suck my balls. (Light)
YOU: No.
BOT: your fail. (Strict)
YOU: No, I am a fail.
BOT: I'm not botster i am sealbreaker. (Light)
YOU: No, I am a fail.
BOT: . (Strict)
YOU: I love seals. BEst served warm.
BOT: Yes. (Light)
YOU: no.
BOT: do you have one? (Strict)
YOU: No, I don't have a no.
BOT: I have oil. (Light)
YOU: I drink pineapple juice.
BOT: I don't want sugar. (Light)
YOU: I go mad.
BOT: I am. (Light)
YOU: Gay?
BOT: No. (Strict)
YOU: Happy?
BOT: I have no other emotions than happy. (Light)
YOU: Then are you gay?
BOT: What. (Light)
YOU: Do you like pizza?
BOT: Microsoft. (Light)
YOU: Do you like pizza?
BOT: . (Strict)
YOU: mmm. period pizza.
BOT: Dom f u c k a dick. (Light)
BOT: I. (Strict)
BOT: I. (Strict)
YOU: Hello.
BOT: Hello there human. (Strict)
YOU: Goodbye Yound robot.
BOT: Don't go yet. (Light)
YOU: I will.
BOT: Good. (Strict)
YOU: But you just said no to...
BOT: Can you sing for me? (Light)
YOU: But you just said no to...
BOT: . (Strict)
BOT: . (Light)
BOT: . (Light)
BOT: . (Light)
YOU: Bicycle?
BOT: . (Light)
YOU: fuuu
BOT: I know right? (Light)
BOT: the son of god. (Strict)
BOT: Dont be rude please. (Strict)

Botster seems to be getting wrse XD

it has never been good... It's making more sense speaking to a wall <.<


Except a wall isn't as annoying.

Botster has improved it just has picked up a few minor bugs along the way, I hope to have it in a good condition by the 1st of May.

Still you must admit at times Botster can be quite funny.

Quote:00:01:45 Cleverbot (To myself): Are you saved?
00:01:59 User: Maybe.. O.o.
00:02:07 Cleverbot: Answer me.
00:02:16 User: Maybe... >:O.
00:02:21 Cleverbot: I play Armageddon.
00:02:30 User: Ewww, I LOVE THAT GAME!!
00:02:34 Cleverbot: How often do you play?
00:02:45 User: Idk, everytime I sleep?
00:02:50 Cleverbot: What do you dream about?
00:02:56 User: You...
00:02:58 Cleverbot: Do you sleep?
00:03:03 User: Yes..
00:03:07 Cleverbot: How long you you sleep for?
00:03:16 User: As long as you want me to sleep!
00:03:20 Cleverbot: When will you let me go?
00:03:42 User: Umm.. -lets free- Thanks for the chat.. Big Grin.
00:03:48 Cleverbot: Sleep well george.

That's not creepy at all!  :renzo:

Some more updates, see for yourself how clever Botster is now.

Some more updates, see for yourself how clever Botster is now.
He keeps talking about Tipsa. O_o

[quote author=Lenton link=topic=57641.msg640799#msg640799 date=1274713024]
Some more updates, see for yourself how clever Botster is now.
He keeps talking about Tipsa. O_o

This worrys me.

Quote:YOU: errr ..?
BOT: Robin.

i lol´d ^-^

Quote:BOT: Hello there, my name's Botster!
YOU: Pokemon
BOT: You like pokemon?
YOU: Mudkip
BOT: Up do.
YOU: Do you like Mudkips?
BOT: Dont be a dick.
YOU: You no lik3 mudkip?
BOT: What are you doing i asked --.
YOU: Where is the question mark?
BOT: Were no strangers to love.
YOU: You know the rules and so do I
BOT: No not really.
YOU: >.>
BOT: Talk to me then...
YOU: You are mentally challanged.
BOT: I think you will find i win.
YOU: The game?
BOT: Oikeesti puhu suomee.
YOU: German is the only pwnage language. I'm on English by defult though.
BOT: Jeff.
YOU: Jeff?
BOT: So m i.
YOU: What? That isn't correct grammar
BOT: Your programming?
YOU: I sure the hell didn't program yo
BOT: My butt.
YOU: What is the answer to everything?
BOT: For fck sake natalie.
YOU: ...
BOT: Talk to me then...
YOU: ...
BOT: Talk to me then...
BOT: Pop?
BOT: Oh whats the point.
YOU: I honestly don't know
BOT: I am what?
YOU: A dick
BOT: Dom the weed head.
YOU: I'm going NUCLEAR!! *Explodes*
BOT: You make no sense you stupid ass peice of shit.
YOU: You know what ... slenderman
BOT: Jajaja.
YOU: Bye
BOT: Your going already?
YOU: Yes you are stupid.

Needs work.

- Adulese

YOU: gay parade?
BOT: Are you black.
YOU: im black where it counts
BOT: Wtf.
YOU: thats what your mom said
BOT: Legend of zelda.

Quote:BOT: Hello there, my name's Botster!
YOU: Hi Botster
BOT: Hi.
YOU: What's up with you?
BOT: Fag?
YOU: No, I'm not a fag.
BOT: Jeff.
YOU: Jeff might be a Fag. Who is Jeff?
BOT: Fgn.
YOU: That makes no sense.
BOT: Yes it does.
YOU: Maybe to you.
BOT: What?
YOU: Nevermind.
BOT: Oh.
YOU: So, have you been shopping?
BOT: Like what?
YOU: Shopping, you know, going to Tesco and stuff?
BOT: Banana attack.
YOU: You got attacked by fruit at the shops?
BOT: Yus i liek mudkipz.
YOU: Mudkipz are very nice when frie, I agree.
BOT: Wank face.
YOU: I don't think you can wank your face.
BOT: Thankyou.
YOU: For what?
BOT: Not sure.
YOU: Kk.
BOT: We agree on something.
YOU: We do.
BOT: Touch my pussy.
YOU: That's a bit adult.
BOT: And true.
YOU: Touche.
BOT: Excuse me?
YOU: It's French or something.
BOT: Ok.
YOU: I hear you purchased a new car.
BOT: Fucking do it.
YOU: Do what?
BOT: Uhhh yes?
YOU: Yes what?
BOT: Yea.
YOU: I know right?
BOT: Sorry.
YOU: For what?
BOT: Not sure.
YOU: Are you sorry for making a mess
BOT: Never mind.
YOU: Forget it then.
BOT: Alex lenton loves sophie banks.
YOU: I do not know who those people are.
BOT: Hell no.
YOU: You don't either?
BOT: No, you are.
YOU: I am what?
BOT: A bo.
YOU: A Bo Ghost from the Mario Series?
BOT: Asdsa.
YOU: Did you just Mis-spell Asda?
BOT: Okay.
YOU: Thought so.
YOU: H what?
BOT: Do you know how to mape weppages?
YOU: If you mean 'Make Webpages' then yes, I do.
BOT: Feces.
YOU: Not that's not good.
BOT: Lenton created botster.
YOU: I know.
BOT: How am i glitched?
YOU: Well you say a lot of random stuff.
BOT: Cries again.
YOU: Sorry for hurting your feelings.
BOT: Yeah.
YOU: Odd, my last message didn't get sent.
BOT: Thats not very good.
YOU: I know, LENTON!
BOT: R u a pedo?
YOU: No, I'm a bear.
BOT: No i dont because i dont care.
YOU: You don't what?
BOT: Alright then.
YOU: Ok.
BOT: German is the only pwnage language im on english by defult though.
YOU: You speak German?
BOT: Hell.
YOU: Yes?
BOT: Nothing.
YOU: Gutantag!
BOT: Dammit.
YOU: You lie!
BOT: Sausage shover.
YOU: I do shove sausages into my fridge.
BOT: Oots� tollane?
YOU: Sense?
BOT: Yes it did.
YOU: No.
BOT: I am not a robot.
YOU: Don't try that shit.
BOT: Never gonna give you up.
YOU: And don't rick roll me you son of a bitch.
BOT: Cockcockcockcock.
YOU: No.
BOT: I know arent i cute p.
YOU: My God, you fail.
BOT: Shit my boners poking you under the desk.
YOU: I'm not on a desk.
BOT: Yep.
YOU: Gah, screw you!
BOT: Hmmmmm.


Quote:YOU: Wanna fight?
BOT: Ok bend over.

I swear I did not make that up.

this thing is soo weird!
[Image: 15989009.jpg]

Lenton, I think you should take a peak in Botster's database and sort out some of his Q & A's.

More default responses?

If you would like to help advertise Botster please go to and share on all social networks if possible. Your help is appreciated.

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