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Conker's Free RPG Pack


donate: link
twitter: link

Free for commercial and non commercial projects!
If you use any of my works you must include me in your credits under the name Michael Pettinato - @ConkrMich

You also must let me know you're using them. Big Grin
[Image: CbktC87.png]
[Image: ZRaxnjP.png]
[Image: f0f8fNS.png]

If possible, reference me as a legendary weaponsmith in your game world. Just for fun! Big Grin

Thank you for respecting my wishes and please enjoy the free pixel art. I hope it improves your game. Smile

Looks great! I may end up using this later down the road of my game's development.
Some of my favorite things:
[Image: enGQi3n.png]

That looks really cool, actually. Shame I don't have any actual games I work on.

I saw your other post as well about paid work. I forwarded it to someone evaluating some options for his sideproject.

Thank you! I appreciate it guys Smile

Ah i should update that portfolio @_@

added more

The chest looks like chest from graal and i've been searching for it xD thanks conker!

Ima give you an NPC on my game as a Legendary Weaponsmith Big Grin
[Image: giphy.gif]
Quote:Graal Online Era, Graal Online Delteria. Addicted to graal! 220k kills and 25k spar wins on Graal Era Atm..

haha awesome Smile

[Image: f0f8fNS.png] [Image: ugPCF1t.png]

base sprite i will be adding onto

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