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Dusk Reborn:The Story of Eldrum

Ive got an Idea, let me use both color syles together, Ill post a pic in like 15 min or less. 


Heres a preview of them together.

[Image: 3cd1a7fc4f8fae85dc86609ade7022b7.png]


Quote:I would stick with that one, it looks nice and professional, and It looks different enough from the gui wing posted to be it's own thing. you should't run into any problems with people saying you copied it or anything. Just remember though nothing is truly original, we stand on the shoulders of giants.
It's because he copied the layer style, cut and pasted the parchment paper and the buttons that I pointed it out. The person who made the GUI isn't very fond of people simulating his work, but if he did release the psd it should be fine.

Sinnix, you should work on that plain color a little bit more. It doesn't seem to match the rest of the interface that much either.

Ill figure something out :/  Im just trying to make everyone happy and have a good looking Gui,


Just a note , ill update to main post later . We are looking for a pixel artist that can sprite and or make custom tile sets. The GUI will be sorted out and we wil need a good pixel artist. Any takers ? Ill post on my recruitment topic aswell.

Just an update , I'm on vacation and ill be posting the recent updates done to eldrum in a few days .

Okay so Ive been waiting on my new computer, My old laptop crashed, I know will be working on Eldrum .. Redesigning a gui and continuing to update the topic.   Just letting you guys know Im not dead >.<


I'm a fairly decent mapper as well.
that's probably the biggest understatement ever
Lots of love

What is that mean??? Client Side and where i can found those?


What do you guys think of the new gui?!    I also am looking for a good Pixel artist
   I already have a list of things I need done so work will be immediate.    I will have to revamp this forum because I haven't been active much over the past few months but everything is back in order.   Looking for a staff that is interested.  For more info  go to the website.


I am using an old engine, but it has everything I need to start off the project.  Optimizing will come in time, but for now the engine we are using is fine.

Note - on the main menu gui, the tan will be replaced with white and the buttons will be green.   (I have to install vb6 on my new laptop.)


Download off?


Im revamping the site.  Im using my other domain right now to host the site.. I forgot my FTP account info lmao.    Heres a link. ( ps : Download will be off for another few weeks, Were getting custom graphics made)


Can't wait to try it out will download now


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