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ER 1.8.1 Changelog

As the title says, this thread will be used to post updates as they happen. I will just be updating the main post so that there aren't 10 posts in a row with 2 things on them. I'll also make a spoiler for all the planned features and current bug list.

[Added Features]
------------------- April 23, 2017 -------------------
- Added a server option to change the drop time before other players can see the items (Players had to wait 30 seconds before they would see something someone else dropped, this was a feature and not a bug)
- Server saves changes and loads them upon start up so you don't need to set them every time you start the server

------------------- May 1, 2017 -------------------
- Setting up drawing GUI to the screen
- Toggle GUI on Admin Panel
- Draw chatbox to screen
- New chatbox graphic
- Added scrolling to chatbox

------------------- May 8, 2017 -------------------
- Game screen is now drawn to form instead of picScreen
- GUI is now properly loaded
- GUI location is now dynamic (ready for screen resizing)
- GUI goes slightly transparent when a player walks under it (like resources)

------------------- May 10, 2017 -------------------
- Hotbar is finished
- Inventory is finished
- Skills is finished
- Items and spells also go slightly transparent with the GUI element when walked under (so a fire spell on your hotbar will go as transparent as the hotbar when you walk under it)

------------------- May 16, 2017 -------------------
- Item and spell description boxes are finished
- Updated the menu and title to say 1.8.1

------------------- May 18, 2017 -------------------
- Finished the Bank
- Increased the client screen size to 960x672 to better fit the GUI

------------------- May 19, 2017 -------------------
- Finished Dragbox

------------------- May 29, 2017 -------------------
- Finished the stat bar area (level, gold, ping, exp, hp, mp, sprint)

[Fixed Bugs]
------------------- April 23, 2017 -------------------
- Fixed the large option menu

------------------- May 16, 2017 -------------------
- Fixed WordWrap function to work with any text area and not just the chatbox

------------------- May 18, 2017 -------------------
- Fixed bank withdrawing

------------------- May 27, 2017 -------------------
- Fixed where the night texture is drawn (scales with the screen size)
- Fixed map not being centered to the screen if the screen is larger than the map
- Fixed drawing to a resized form only drawing to the size of the original form

I plan to update the main GUI in this update or the next so that it looks a bit nicer, has a more constant look, and finally uses a different set of graphics.

~Development Team
~Mohenjo Daro
Baannounik shall control all!

Eclipse Engines


Updated the main post to show what's been done so far

If you're wondering why it took me 2 days to draw the chat to the screen, I coded it all from scratch instead of copying it from a different engine. This means that some of it is better optimized and also loads the graphics differently.

As a note, I used EFF to make sure I wasn't forgetting different parts (names/variables) so some subs and vars have the same or similar names.
Baannounik shall control all!

Eclipse Engines


Still working on drawing everything to the screen instead of using picture boxes. So far it's going smoothly, about 1/4-1/3 of the way done with it.

So far the chatbox, hotbar, inventory, and spells are finished (they draw to the screen and you can interact with them properly).
Baannounik shall control all!

Eclipse Engines


I originally had the wordwrap function set to work with the chatbox but redid the code so it will work with all strings (before all the strings used text boxes that wrapped for you but now I need a sub to).

Item and spell description boxes are finished and looking good. I'll update the sneak peak in the thread once I do a bit more.
Baannounik shall control all!

Eclipse Engines


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