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[Exclipse Exchange] - [19/11] - Resources!

Now that you have your great game idea, you need to find some resources to actually make it! But where? The Eclipse Exchange can be a great place to get started.

Start by going to the Resources section. It looks fairly similar to the Ideas section, however there are some minor differences. Each resource has some additional tags assigned to it, specifying the type of resource and the license it is available under. You can also attach a preview image to the resource, to make it easier to find things in the search.

[Image: 7to1mkD.png]

The primary difference is the option to configure your searches. There are many different types of resources, searching by name alone can result in listing many resources that you aren't actually looking for. To configure your searches, click the Configure button in the top-right (near the search icon). Once clicked, the Search Settings panel will open up.

[Image: 1JdVuce.png]

Lets create a new resource. Click on the + button in the top-right.

[Image: YegVFVr.png]

From here, you can fill in the usual fields. You need to specify the license and type of resource that you are uploading. You can also attach an image that previews your resource. Next, you'll need to attach the resource that you want to share. Do this by adding a new attachment.

[Image: 2jnDhFu.png]

Now you can finish filling in all the information.

[Image: LbJeGao.png]

Finally, publish and view your newly uploaded resource!

[Image: zkXBEDf.png]

From there, others can preview and download the materials you make available.

That's everything for resources for now, and as usual, I would love to hear your feedback and suggestions.

As a reminder: the beta registration form for the Eclipse Exchange is now available at Registration will be open until a week before the launch date, and more updates on this project will be posted in this board.

It looks good, although we should try to get the resources from being non-RPG Maker since these are copyrighted.

(12-16-2016, 11:55 PM)Helladen Wrote: It looks good, although we should try to get the resources from being non-RPG Maker since these are copyrighted.

Yeah, we can't use any of them. All posts will be reviewed prior to appearing in the listings, so we can filter things out if people accidentally post RPG Maker resources.

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