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[Generation 6,Fast Battle etc. ] Pokemon MMO

Hello everyone,
You can check game here: (idk if i'm allowed to post links)
I really put everything in this game and spent hours and hours working on it.
It has GEN 6!!
Yes generation 6 is in the game with all the database needed and custom animated Gen 5 looking spirtes.

Other features are:
-Various items (Pokeballs,potions,clothes,evolution stones...)
-Gym Battles
-Gym Badges
-NPC Battles
-NPC Scripting
-Chat with private messages
-A lot of event controls
-News (HTML easy to edit)
-Player profile
-Trainer cards
-Trade (Secure trade with pokemon and item trading)
-Bag in battle
-Working catching system
-Storage system(Store your pokemon - 100 slots)
-Pokemon item drops
-Pokemon starter boxes (Spawns starter pokemon)
-Honey sytsem (Item named honey can attract rare pokemons on each map - Rare pokemons are chosen in honey config file)
-FISHING (Rod is needed to fish by pressing CTRL next to water fish will appear - Fish spawns are in fish spawns file)
-A lot more


Login -
[Image: bfmHaHd.png]

Registration (In login)

[Image: yZUon8Y.png]

Game main form:

[Image: 9MOvFwf.png]


[Image: VgRYSKN.png]


[Image: Y9Opd5n.png]

Pokemon roster - Find all info about your pokemon and edit/learn moves ,evolve pokemon,give him potions etc.

[Image: Cw9xpfA.png]

Example of event - Whos dat pokemon (Rewarding)

[Image: UJ2AX4T.png]

Beautiful maps:

[Image: ekNEOTG.png]

[Image: nTP92td.png]

Trainer card with profile pictures:

[Image: 5.png]

And at the end battle:

[Image: p7fRi55.png]


[Image: QLUcopa.png]

Its not on sale anymore.
The game will be up again.May seem weird but things changed.

Thanks for reading and have a good day!

Good.. Now that you start selling this one, probably those people will stop asking me to finish the old pokemon engine that i made

Goddamn I want this xD
[Image: Lxd0ays.png]

$360!?!?!?! Damn. Well, I was interested but not for that price.

On a side note, how would one go about creating pokemon on this engine? Is there a pokemon editor or what?
[Image: 5468496fa08bfd7f572a3c08904f11c1.png]

Each pokemon has its file.There is pokemon editor where you can check the stats etc. but its much easier to edit database with 3rd party software.Also the moves are very easy to edit because they work with function codes so multiple moves can be edited at the same time.

Update: Not for sale anymore.Things changed.You can read a little bit more on the end of post.

#7 - New web for game

GIMME PLEASE! In all Seriouness how much for the engine?

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