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[Hiring] Pet system - Friends List - Talent tree - Global Shop - Sidescroller

Hiring a programmer to add a pet system - friends list - talent tree - global shop - Sidescroller in vb6 in eclipse premium skywyre edition that I bought. Willing to pay 650 CAD for all 5 systems.

If you had the side scrolling engine as a base I would of helped out, But I do not have the time to re-make skywyre into a side scroller. Goodluck though!

cough cough that is roughly 489.07usd
Yours faithfully
Andrew Wheeler A.K.A Genusis

Ask Me For Help.

Still not bad for a hobby developer.
Fool I'mma vet you can bet That I can dance underwater and not get wet


In terms of language wise it probably isn't worth a majority of peoples time to even bother.... My honest opinion its not worth wasting money on a vb6 game. especially that much money.
Yours faithfully
Andrew Wheeler A.K.A Genusis

Ask Me For Help.

Wait, you bought the premium edition? The username is throwing me off. Who are you D:

And yeah, the Talent system is Benjo's and is not for sale by me. If you want that specific talent system, talk to Benjo.

Anyone with the talent required to transform Skywyre to a sidescrolling engine will find everything else to be a piece of cake. Don't get caught up with who did what and when. Worry about who can do that and now.

That is a very good, and reasonably fair offer for all the work required but please, please please consider my recommendations below:
1. Setup a bounty/price for each feature. Go one at a time.
2. Don't pay a dime until you see a compiled, working copy that you can test for bugs. Thoroughly test it.
3. Only after testing and making sure it works, send payment for a feature.

I personally have been on both ends of the game, paying for code and coding for pay and I never had a problem on this site. That said, others have been scammed and the admins here don't have the power to help if that happens. - Be safe with your money! That large offer is bound to land a ton of PMs in your inbox!
[Image: logo.png][Image: logo.png]

ok I will.

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