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Icon making

So what program would you recommend to actually go into and create player models? Along with with other icons like terrain etc objects. Also another question is how exactly do we implement our custom icons into the server? Lastly uh..the last question go with animations. But i can probably figure that out sooner or later.

I like gimp, but paint works lol. There isn't really a great on for it imo.
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What about like adobe photoshop?

I use myself. Just as powerful as photoshop and it's free. There are also tons of plugins you can download for it as well as YouTube tutorial videos. Gimp is also good but I haven't used it much so I have no details on it.

And just for a heads up, I made the icon for my avatar and everything in my signature with
[Image: 5468496fa08bfd7f572a3c08904f11c1.png]

Oh snap nice I'll look into that Aswell. Do you know of any videos that's go over how to implement them? As in put them in the game.

Just save it as a.png image and replace the existing image in the spell icons folder. That's all you need to do to replace all the graphics in eclipse.

Btw, if you're using an engine that has .bmp images you'll need to save the image as a .bmp.
[Image: 5468496fa08bfd7f572a3c08904f11c1.png]

Alright gotcha thanks Big Grin.

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