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Kanto Online (Beta)

Kanto Online (BETA)

          Hey guys, I'm Extin. I've been with both the Eclipse and XtremeWorlds community for a little over 10 years now, and have seen both (more so Eclipse) grow immensely. So I saw X-Isle on here and I remember playing a little bit of it back when it was online the second time at XtremeWorlds, as well as played tons of other XtremeWorlds games. I've also had a few projects in the community as well. This was one of them, about 6 years ago. It had lots of positive review and in it's time, had more people online on a regular basis than any other game in the community, despite being incomplete. It's doesn't have any huge change in how you complete it compared to the original, aside from the obvious one, being combat. I've decided I'm gonna bring it back and put it on here and see what kind of attention it gets, and if people like the game enough then I'll see it to completion!

  • Choose your starter!
    Level up and learn moves that your Pokemon would normally learn!
    Evolve yourself at the proper levels, and using the proper methods!
    Help your weariness by resting at a Pokemon Center, or help prevent it by purchasing items at a PokeMart!
    Challenge Gyms to get badges to earn your way in to the Pokemon League!
    Get HMs to help you navigate the world!
    Challenge your friends in Bill's personal Pokemon Stadium!

Game Completion:
          As I mentioned before, the game is not complete. In fact, I only got around to finishing three gyms at the point the back up data I had was saved (I had up to the 4th gym in it's prime), but there's still at least 2 or 3 hours of game play in here I'd say! I've got everything up to the third gym, as well as Diglett's Cave finished.

[Image: jZwm8ku.jpg]
[Image: alVsYn7.jpg]
[Image: dywh0yu.jpg]
[Image: WCmJuB0.jpg]
          So if you guys are interested in playing it, I have a server up right now and the download for the game is here!

your server is offline
[Image: 15gxfnn.png]  
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Open to the public 2017 (hopefully)

[Image: 2nkj1w1.png]


(02-17-2017, 11:55 AM)Randoyes Wrote: your server is offline
Yes it was, I'm not entirely sure why but it's back online now.

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