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Labyrinth Hearts: Official Release

[Image: MNEFDhB.png]

It has been over two years since the origin of Labyrinth Hearts, and it has been an exciting, fun, and difficult journey. The original idea for Labyrinth Hearts was for it to be a romantic Sim/dungeon crawler; however, it has evolved into a full-fledged RPG. While it is a complete game, there is still more content we want to add. Thus we will continue adding content periodically and fix bugs that are reported. The goal for Labyrinth Hearts is to showcase what the Eclipse engine can do and inspire other members into creating their own games using the Eclipse engine. This project would not have been finished without the help of the Eclipse Community and team members devoting their time to make the dream a reality.

We are proud to announce the official release of Labyrinth Hearts.

Labyrinth Hearts is a high fantasy ORPG that emphases dungeon crawling and finding love in dating sim style romance. Throughout the game you will find characters you can romance or befriend. You can develop rapport with individuals in a few ways:  advancing through the story, dungeon crawling, and conversational options with a NPC.

Dynamic World and Dialogue Story Driven Game

Labyrinth Hearts takes the standard roleplaying game's story and elevates it to the next level.
Your actions or lack of dictates what happens to the world around you. Your choices might have dire effects for NPCS or can open up new paths in the game. Anything you do will either change the world instantly or might have an unseen long term effect on the world, be it for better or worse.

Cut-Scene Banter
During conversations with people you can befriend and romance, it will unlock cut-scenes at certain intervals. The more you talk to your NPCS and help them, the more they begin to like you. After a certain point you they will begin to fall in love with you and you both will have choices to make.



[Image: l5kBTFb.png] Eternal glory awaits all Champions who prove themselves against formidable adversaries. All heroes and heroines radiate greatness. Their actions define what Champions are; Champions emit an aura of power and dominance in every aspect of their life. Champions excel at close quarter combat and are capable of soaking massive amounts of damage. Unfortunately Champions lack long-range abilities and require to be in close proximity to unleash their full glory upon their enemies.
[Image: l8DMsU3.png] Clerics are not to be mistaken for their pacifistic brethren. While priests wear cloth and have taken vows of peace, Clerics have seen the evil that  is permeating the world. Clerics have taken up arms and trained to become powerful instruments for their deity. Cleric are capable of becoming front-line fighters; they are also capable of launching Protection and Holy spells at their allies.

[Image: fAk9IXe.png] Knights are natural leaders, protectors of the weak, and live by a strict code of honor. Knights are essential to any party as their wide variety of skills aids in keeping the team alive. Knights excel at close quarter combat, protective magic, and later divine magic. Knights fight only in close proximity with their opponents because their honor demands them not to be cowardly and fight at long range.

Martial Artist
[Image: YyqTf6q.png] Martial Artists are masters of unarmed combat and are exceptionally skilled in close quarter combat. While Martial Artists lack the ability to use magic, they're quite skilled in hand to hand techniques. Martial Artists have a wide variety of techniques for both short and long ranged combat. Despite their looks, they are unable to take as much punishment as most of the other classes.

[Image: PFjU0Af.png] Rogues are a very versatile class, both fighting in close proximity or fighting in the back with long ranged attacks. Rogues are extremely nimble and rely on quick lethal attacks over brute strength; evading attacks is also equally as important for the survival of a Rogue.

[Image: QOHPxHo.png] [Image: aGA1BVi.png] Rangers excel at close quarter fighting and long range combat. Rangers are capable of dual wielding blades to shred their opponents or duel wield hand-bows. Rangers are capable of acquiring combative familiars and eventually legendary familiars by aiding them.

[Image: 7ar9MSO.png] Sorcerers and Sorceresses have an innate ability for manipulating and casting magical spells. They require practice over studying to gain power. While lacking the traditional elemental magic that their wizard counterparts have, Sorcerers and Sorceresses have an unique variety of spells in their arsenal.

[Image: K6GZbDs.png] Tinkers are people who study and are intimately familiar with Nano-Technology. Tinkers are capable of using nano-tech equipment, machines, and blueprints to gain use of an exotic list of weapons. In addition, Tinkers are capable to activate ruined nano-tech gear that's found in certain areas to help change the tide of battle or find secret places.

[Image: nIAODKT.png] To become a wizard you must show adeptness in magic at an early age. You are then taken from your family, and they are adopted by the Wizard Guild. Wizards are practice obsessively to perfect their craft; however, they are also required to study every aspect of lore known since the creation of the guild. Wizards excel at elemental magic

In Closing

Thank you for taking the time to read and play Labyrinth Hearts. We appreciate all the feedback over the years.
The Labyrinth Hearts' team hopes you enjoy the game and get inspired to make your own Eclipse game!

Full Version Download

Have The Client Already? Update.

Labyrinth Hearts Donation
Labyrinth Hearts is 100% free with no microtranscations. You are under no obligation to donate anything, but if you wish to assist in the development of future games feel free to message me about donating. We greatly appreciate it.

Great feedback thus far, hope more people will join and let us know what they think! ^_^

Oh you realeased!? I'm definitely going to fire it up and give it a try.

Finally released! Downloading atm

Hell yeah...I'll give it a try!

Downloading right now Wink

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