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Some updates:

· Stopped guests from posting on the shoutbox.

· Flipped the shoutbox (latest posts are now at the top).

· Fixed the shoutbox /me command.

· Changed the online list to show display pictures.

· Improved the navigation's appearance.

· Added a post search to the Lenton Community.

· Fixed the registering as a female bug.

· Services and games have been grouped together on the new "Products" page.

· Added the ability to change your gender and set an Xbox gamertag on the accounts page.

· Admins and moderators can now view all messages made via the contact form.

· Fixed the error when uploading a display picture.

· All timestamps are now in a user friendly format.

· Updated the Usage Policy and added a Privacy Policy.

· Information now remains in fields if you submit a form and get an error.

· Usernames now may not contain an underscore.

· Added pages to threads, boards, search results, messages, etc.

· Added a new page called "People" where you can view and search for every member of Lenton.

· Messages are now grouped into conversations.

· You can now have group conversations with up to 10 people.

· Improved the security of the 'Remember Me' feature.

· Removed users email address from public profiles.

· Modified the Lenton Logo and icon.

· Profile page has been improved.

· Many other smaller improvements.

Alot longer changelog than that before <img src="" alt="Big Grin" title="Big Grin" class="smilie smilie_4" />

The Lenton Technology website has been recoded and transferred to our new framework. In the process it's got a few new updates too (in order of awesomeness):
- Total layout redesign by Aaron - modern, flat, "fullscreen"
- New logo has been updated
- Added support for high resolution avatar pictures
- Added more BB tags such as the img tag!
- Added age to profile
- Clean URLs
- Improved password security - please change your password to get this addition
- Added functionality to the admin panel
- Register now doesn't require a gender

A year and a half on and there's been another update:

- The organisation is now called "Lentech" and has a brand new domain.

- New, fully responsive layout.

- Like post feature.

- Website has been released open source on GitHub.

The full and detailed blog post of the update can be found here.

The new domain is:


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