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Map converter Problem

Hi, I use EO 2.3 Event System Version and I added that Animation Layers system, but I already have more than 200 maps x.x (I know it was a mistake just to add that now) 
So after some searches here I've downloaded that 'Easy to use Map convertor' but don't know what to change at the source 
When I use it the new map become black and attributes gone

I can't seem to find the map convertor you're talking about. If you link it here someone should be able to help you pretty quickly.
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It's already linked, just click at the name



Well, you basically need to make a converter to change the rec data from the old one to the new one, I don't quite remember how that's done exactly, but you open the old ones, add the rec, then save them as a new one (that way you have a back up). I have a program of it but I don't have time to upload it, but when I'm back next week I can upload it if you still need me to.
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