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My First Building..

This is my first Building I ever made.... i know that the color is bright (I Think) So......... Comment Here the mistakes i have or i need to improve so i can make more in the future thanks!  :cheesy:

well i'll be the first Big Grin i don't think it's to bad, better then what i personally could do atm. Anyway though i reccommend you work on adding a little more value it seems your whole building seems to plain being mostly one color.

oh ok thanks for the advice

Its also a bit 'blocky', and your buildings isn't made of bricks Tongue

Not bad for a 2 point perspective building. Just add more detail, color palettes and shading.

Install Windows.

Install Windows.

I already have windows.

I already have windows.
lol what he meant is that you should add windows to your building.

I already have windows.

You've been trolled trolololololol  xD
That was so funny.

Anyway, i were you i would consider changing the colours of that.

i would give the roof some other texture so it looks like a roof instead of a hollow box.  otherwise good looking base.

Add some more shading and add some more detail to the door and maybe tone up the color of the roof a little.But its a good start Smile

First, you couldn't properly use this in Eclipse but its a nice start

Install Windows.

Also, if your going to give him advice, be more descriptive other than 'Install windows'

Look's good to be your first to be honest Smile

Perspective and structure are nice. I would add a light source? Put more effort, and draw out the bricks. Nice for a first go at it.

The sign's color could be considered an off-white, so I think if you made the red "rustic" by adding in some brown, it may look a bit better.

Just work on pallets for now, you're line art is acceptable (although I do think you should add windows).

There is no texture, and hardly any shading. Pretty boring unless you like one color cubes with a sign on it. The door is horribly colored to match that red, and dos not really look like a door, more of a square crap colored thing on the front of your building. It looks like you made it in MSPain in less then 10 minutes. You can improve a lot on this.

How to improve:

1. Add texture to the walls
2. Add some shading other then the roof
3. Change shade of red to something darker
4. Redo the whole door and use some effort this time
5. Change the color of the door after step 4
6. Add something on the sign

If you follow these steps correctly the building might turn out good, depends on how much effort you put in to it. It should take some time to make a good piece of art.


Change the shade on the roof to LIGHTER than the rest [it is closer to the sun], else at first sight it looks like an open box Smile

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