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PasteMD - A Markdown supported paste tool

sooo, I was in need of a markdown-supported pastebin-like site that also had an API I could POST random crap to and my search was fruitless. I've spent the past two days playing around with NodeJS and MongoDB to make this
(pretentious .io [scratch that, it's a .xyz instead] domain coming sometime soon [probably])

Don't know what Markdown is? Wikipedia has an informative article, and I've added a reference paste in the footer of Downy

I'm not expecting an uptake (if any), I just want to build a nice, reliable tool that I can use in the future and keep open for others to use if they wish. Because of that, I'd greatly appreciate any suggestions towards features and bug/security reports.

Look good Carim. I probably won't be using this, but +1 for taking matters into your own hands.
Also, you should totally call it PasteMD.

Seems to be down
Fool I'mma vet you can bet That I can dance underwater and not get wet


(07-28-2016, 02:06 AM)Marsh Wrote: Seems to be down

DNS seems to be taking it's sweet time to propagate. You can access it from too.

EDIT: Should be good now, access from

Now quickly packaged into a Node module:

Just deleting and expiry options, then I'm done. :>

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