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I've noticed a lot of people doing fake/half arsed requests in response to threads. If you believe the thread doesn't have enough information, ask the owner for more. Unserious answers will be removed and the person warned.

Unserious is defined as:
  • Not meeting the request. Like making a weapon not a pendant.
  • A terribly drawn image. If you are trying, it's OK, but when it's obviously faked for the laughs you will be warned.

Be Specific:

Don't just say "I need a banner made plz". What kind of theme do you want? Any pictures you have to include or specific requests? Someone is going to put the time into creating this for you so you might as well help them out.

While your waiting for your shiny new resource to be made why not take a crack at it yourself? Even if what you come up with is crap, it may help people understand what you are going for.

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