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Seven Heroes[Work In Process]

using escfoe2 "Eclipse The Final Frontier”

About Game :

Adventure about how to become one of the seven heroes.

Note : I'm sorry, I realy do not know the story game, which makes is my friend

Forums: welcome)

Please visit the forum for more news and updates


Mount System!

Use mounts to travel faster!suitable traveling long distances

9 Equipment

Having 9 slot equipment

Rank Level System

Highscore top 10 highest level

Combining Sytem

This system allows creating your character can later be upgraded to max +3 weapon but you are required to search for material that we have used to spread in several monsters, combining also allow you to make some items to as a healer hp.

Second Job(10 class)

At the beginning of the first you create a new char, you'll will find three kinds of job options, but as you level rising to a certain extent you will find a large selection of 2nd job, of course, three initial job will be to find a different job options.
there are about 10 choices job later in the game.


Skill Buff/debuff

You can get additional stat with this buff skill.

Quest system

Simple quest sytem


GvG Weekend

Apollo Arena

Champion Arena

Double exp weekend

Sorry for bad english :\

English isn't too bad. From what I understood, it looks like a decent game. I might actually try it out. Any guess about when it will be released?
Baannounik shall control all!

Eclipse Engines


(01-08-2017, 03:29 PM)Mohenjo Daro Wrote: English isn't too bad. From what I understood, it looks like a decent game. I might actually try it out. Any guess about when it will be released?

thanks, in the forum there countdown time test, it still tested, So I do not know when to really release

Beta test is finally completed, it is quite smooth, although sometimes the server is frequently down, because the server is still using a small server XD

update :

Stats Reset

The items that can make your stat reset.

Add Tile Arena
Areas that could make you a power struggle with each other, and outside the ring is not affordable just watching you guys who will not be affected.
party removed the previous attack.

plan title system, but not so, because later could be heavy server

I don't know how you managed to get my code for mounts and other various features. (Unless you paid for them and I just don't recognize the skype name or contact) IF this isn't the case, however, I'm going to have to ask you to take down this game until my code is removed.
[Image: 56695.png]

sorry, I just wanted to clarify that it was my own mount, for other features I studied at the forum, and for me to learn from the 2nd job search Skywyre

'search Skywire'
A) It's Skywyre
B) He made it, and this does seem to be his premium code.
C) I hope those player icons are temporary.
[Image: Lxd0ays.png]

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