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Skywyre Engine Starting Guide - Server + Client

Do not ask questions here. This is not a question thread this is a guide thread ONLY. Any questions should be asked in the Questions and Answers Board.

This is a guide on how to start using Eclipse Skywyre, From downloading to using.

First, you will want to download the actual Engine from the main thread. I will not post the links to download here as I am expecting people to actually read the thread to gain knowledge as I will not repeat stuff.

So lets find the engine, Scroll to the top of the page and click on 'Eclipse Skywyre'
[Image: 16bc800dca.png]

Once there you will want to find the That is at the bottom of the first post, Version 6 'V6'  is the latest version at the time of posting:
[Image: 3219b1f4b1.png]

Click the link and you will be taken to a Mediafire page, Click on the big green button:
[Image: 645f390d31.png]

You will begin downloading the engine:
[Image: cb2ab336bc.jpg]

Once the download finishes, Go to where it is downloaded and locate the file:
[Image: a5539647fa.png]

Now right click it and click 'Extract Here':
[Image: 44ca79db6c.png]

After the extraction is complete, You will see a folder with the name 'Skywyre Primitive v6'
[Image: 88efacfcbc.png]

Go into the folder, You will see a 'client' and a 'server' folder:
[Image: c5aca18390.png]

Go into the 'client' folder and run 'Eclipse Runtimes.exe' Without them the server and client will not function correctly.
[Image: 4b8918fc1e.png]

Click Next, next then start and the installer will install all files that are required by both server and client.
[Image: c71c204a53.png]

[Image: fdc2c12e1c.png]

[Image: d55243c620.png]

You may be prompt by the installer to restart windows. I recommend doing so to prevent further errors:
[Image: 55ace1e37a.png]

We will start with opening the Server. Let's head back into the main folder and open the 'server' folder:
[Image: 6a37e959cf.png]

Now, If you have Visual Basic 6 (which is needed to edit the source) double click on 'server.vbp':
[Image: 70140f432b.png]

If you get prompt with the following screen, just click 'Open':
[Image: 17218a1aae.png]

Ok now you are seeing the actual code that compiles into the 'server.exe':
[Image: 8d60ec92b9.png]

Maximise any of the "little windows" that you see so it looks like this:
[Image: 2e104beeed.png]

This makes it easier to work with. Now You can do anything you wish here. I will not be covering edits or tutorials etc.

Now lets 'start' the server through Visual Basic 6:
[Image: dc6b0f286e.png]

When you see the following window, Your server is now ready for you to connect:
[Image: abee7a5f6c.png]

You can see 5(five) tabs that help you manage the server.
[Image: e4294b3cca.png]

Lets start with the 'Console' tab that you are already on, The '[Unlock] allows the server's cycles per second to run higher using more computer resources. This is good when more players are on. There's a log window and a input box on this tab. The botton input box lets you send a message to the players:
[Image: 2797c8cf21.png]

Lets move onto the 'Players' tab:
[Image: e37b5361a7.png]

Here you can see a list of any online players, You can right click on them giving the following options, Kick - Kicks the selected player, Disconnect - Disconnects the player from the server, Ban - Bans them from the server, Load player data - opens an editor to edit the player, The 4 "Makes" makes the player each respective access level and finally Remove Admin - Put them back to a normal player access level.

Lets move onto the 'Guilds' tab:
[Image: 7c13abdb77.png]

You can edit the item/cost/level requirements for making a guild and for joining a guild here. Remember to click 'Save Config'

Lets move onto the 'Character' tab:
[Image: e70cfec721.png]

Here you can type an online characters name and click Load. Then you can edit the Characters level/exp/stat points/endurance/agility/strength/intelligence and will. You also have the option on the bottom right to edit Inventory slots and Bank slots.

Let's click on the 'Control' tab:
[Image: a65abeac9f.png]

Now you can reload the data files on the left hand side, There should be no real need to use those. On the left hand side you can click 'Shut Down' to start a 30 second shut down timer. Clicking 'Exit' will instantly save and close the server without waiting 30 seconds (Best to use the Exit if there are no players connected. If there are players connected use 'Shut Down'). Theres a check box under the 'Exit' button, This will enable the server to log data to files. 'Experience' has 4 check boxes, Ticking each will multiply gained experience from kills by the respective number near the check box you tick. Example 'x4' will let all plays gain 4 times the npc's experience, so if a player gains 10 experience normally, they will gain 40 whilst that tick box is ticked. Good for events etc! Below the 'Experience' is 'Game Time' This displays the ingame world time.

Ok so I explained on tab of 5, But lets move on for now. Minimize both the server that shows and the visual basic 6 codes and head to the 'client' folder:
[Image: e26a9216d5.png]

Now you want to open 'client.vbp':
[Image: 0632242c89.png]

If you get the security warning, once again click 'Open':
[Image: 8ba2f57cf7.png]

Now, once again click the 'Maximize' on any of those small windows:
[Image: b87b15f734.png]

Now you can click 'start' on the client to begin the client:
[Image: 43a9f89577.png]

[Image: 62100e8fb3.jpg]

Lets register our own account by clicking 'Register'
[Image: fc2a966b84.jpg]

For the sakes of the Guide, I will name my account 'Admin' and insert my password:
[Image: 273c60ed84.png]

Now click Accept to send the request to the server:
[Image: 3a0f693eec.png]

If the server accepts the new account (if no accounts exist, there will be no problems) you will see this screen:
[Image: 985739417e.jpg]

Lets give our new Character a name, Mine will be 'Admin' again. I will also choose my 'Class' and 'Gender':
[Image: b2456cd202.png]

Now lets send the request to the server. Click 'Accept':
[Image: 5a39b477c8.png]

If all goes well, You should now be inside your server! Congratulations!
[Image: 2149d599c4.png]

Lets give our self admin permissions so we can start our editing. Go back to the server and click on the 'Players' tab:
[Image: 3b73e6bba7.png]

Now right click on your account that is listed on the grid:
[Image: be22722622.png]

You will see alot of options show, For not let's pick 'Make Admin'
[Image: dab2f748c8.png]

Let's go back to the 'client' and you should see a confirmation in the game's chat and your name will become pink:
[Image: 599ff2ce3c.png]

Now, Let's open the 'Admin Panel' by pressing 'Ins' near the 'Del'/'Home'/'End' keys
[Image: c0c00a961c.png]

Now that the 'Admin Panel' has dropped down you can now go through the menus and edit the ingame as you see fit!

Do not ask questions here. This is not a question thread this is a guide thread ONLY. Any questions should be asked in the Questions and Answers Board.

Nice, this will help new users a lot. Good to have a updated guide.
Fool I'mma vet you can bet That I can dance underwater and not get wet

Thanks Marsh,

Tbf a lot of members were/are sick of answering the same questions, Mainly admin button and how to download the engine Smile.

Very nice guide. Big Grin This is probably the most asked question on the site at the moment.
Some of my favorite things:
[Image: enGQi3n.png]

Added each of the tabs on the Server.exe and added some information about each, Client's Admin menu coming soon.

Hi BoNjO! I need help with this error:
I don't have this issue when starting the original Eclipse Origins, but with Skywyre this traces appears in the screen. On my desktop and notebook...

EDIT: I tested with V6 too and the issue persists.

I already replied on the other thread, This is not a thread to ask questions, please see the skywyre thread i responded there a few days ago.

I saw BeNjO, but this issue is not related with my DPI configuration. Sorry for that, don't need to reply again.

How Old are you?
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Great job BeNjO! Very helpful guide.

I have the newest version of visual studios which doesnt support vb6. do you know any work arounds??

(09-12-2015, 06:43 PM)Xenios Wrote: I have the newest version of visual studios which doesnt support vb6. do you know any work arounds??

You need VB6. VB6 is the ONLY THING that will allow you to edit the source.

One thing that needs to be added to this guide is how to run the engine without VB6. I know it seems like a no brainer but alot of new users seem to be, well, slow when it comes to using this stuff. You should also note that VB6 is not exactly needed to make a game with this engine.

How am i suppose to start it all up then? The only thing i have is the client and server, and when i click the server it gives me an error about system resources.

Once you have ran the installer, simply double click on the server.exe icon and once it is running, simply double click the client.exe icon.

I have ran the installer. Once I click the server it gives me an error stating something about system resources not available.

How do You edit the Opening Screen? like, the text and biz?


You will need to open a Thread in the Questions and Answers forum for any help.

Will be adding to this some of the editors. I also moved this to the Official Guides forum rather than discussion.

i wanna sever + client full
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