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Web Development Board Rules

Hello Community,


Our Web Developing Board has brought many people to share their web developing abilities, share their game websites and/or others, and learn more about the wonders of web developing. As all Boards, this board comes with rules, and breaking a rule will most likely result in the loss of your post.


Section 1 - Sharing a Website


Your website post must include pictures and/or a link. This will help us view your work, and it'd be pointless to share a website with no ability to view it.


Post some description to your websites. Include a nice description of your website. Don't just post useless information just, and don't make your post empty...put content in it.


The website must be made by you, or you must have permission to share it. Don't take credit of other's work.


No posting illegal or pornographic content. Simple. No porn or illegal links.


Section 2 - Tutorials


If you share the tutorial from a website, and it's an exact copy, give credit or cite. Don't act smart and copy and paste. Things can be easily found with the magic of google!


Don't repost tutorials. This is annoying, and wastes board space. If you have something to add to a tutorial, message the original publisher to edit it, or just comment your addition.


Explain the tutorial. This isn't an important rule, but make some sort of way so people who don't know how to develop can add your tutorial to their website with ease.


Section 3 - Questions & Requests


There are no rules, but follow the following format...and before you post a question, make sure someone hasn't already asked it at least withing viewable space in the board.


State your problem, then show a graphic of the error if possible, put some description on what your objective is so people can help you, and make sure people understand what you are asking.


Thank you everyone for reading. All moderators and administrators have the right to modify these rules at any time, and can also make a final decision on the broken rule.





Enjoy sharing your website!

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