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What is Eclipse Renewal 1.8 & Q&A

Eclipse Renewal was a branch off of Mirage Legacy which was based on Eclipse Origins. ER was originally made for all the new comers to 2D MMORPG that wanted to make a game with features but didn't know where to start and couldn't program. It has many features and some that haven't been seen in other Eclipse engines.


Q and A Section

Q: Is the engine free to use?
A: Yes

Q: Can I make a game with this engine?
A: Yes

Q: Are there graphics that come with it for me to use?
A: There will be a few to make a test world, but there won't be many to keep the file size down.

Q: How will I get graphics?
A: I will upload a graphics package later, or you can google graphics and get them yourself

Q: Can I charge money for a game I make?
A: Yes, you can make people pay to play your game

Q: Will this engine be supported?
A: Only for bug fixes and things that the developers screwed up

Q: Will you add this custom feature if I pay you?
A: I personally will not, but you're free to ask around the forum

Q: I found a bug, what should I do?
A: Post about it in the Bug section in News and Updates

~Development Team
~Mohenjo Daro
Baannounik shall control all!

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