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rpg sprites maker

Hey eclipse users,
Just wanted to help out if you want to for make your own sprites. Well, here you go:
This website lets you cliCk different hairs, clothes, wings, tail, ears etc... If you want to save the sprite you made just click the button under the sprite picture(of the one you made) and the image will come up, and then you can save it.
This website has good graphics, just click the buttons under the picture of the sprite and different body options will come up, the same as famitsu. But I'm not sure if you can save the image, but take a screenshot or snip it instead.

well thats all for today, i might put down more websites later in the weeks to come, and if you want to put in a website feel free too!
[Image: tqrGCHQ.png]

Seki the "dual wielding freak"

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