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Quick Start

Follow the steps below to start making your ORPG with Eclipse!

Start with Eclipse Renewal for your first game. It has plenty of features, and you'll quickly learn how to build your games.

Next, you'll need to install the runtime libraries. These are required to run your game client and server.

That's it! You're now ready to start building your game. Visit the tutorials section on our forums for help on how to work with all of the editors.

Engine Selection

Eclipse Renewal - V1.8.0
Authors: Officer Johnson, Mohenjo Daro

  • Guilds
  • Quests
  • Serial code
  • Events
  • ExpRate
  • Account Editor
  • Tags for access levels
  • Set motd from server
  • Pets
  • Mail system
  • On screenchat
  • Projectiles
  • Reworked server to have more options
  • Npc Spells
  • Version system
  • Set spawn in classes file
  • Exp Multiplier items
  • Npc level displays by name
  • Multiple Npc Drops
  • 5 Masks and fringes
  • Set news from the server
  • Set version from the server
  • Set credits from the server
  • Auction House
  • And much more! View the discussion topic for more details
Final Frontier
Author: escfoe2

  • Added a nice new way to toggle main buttons/minimap. Featuring a dinky new GUI for the health/mana/exp
  • Added projectiles - Wabbit.
  • Changed item damage scroll bar max value to (32,767)
  • Added Drop Items On Death option to map editor properties.
  • Removed target requirement for AOE spells
  • Added NPC random respawn times
  • (IN PROGRESS)ENHANCED GUI!!! Courtesy of DarkMatchFlame and ArmlessFiddler for their magical graphic skillz
  • Add combat elements to spells.
  • New combat system for elements and damage knock offs (Credit for concept: Wizzy)
  • Make quests capable of giving skill exp.
  • Added Shop Editor and Combo Editor to Editor Run-Through feature...
  • Combination System, whiten items, click to combine, client-side editor.
  • Made 'E' toggle through editors with nice and simple GUI (ADMIN_MODERATOR and up.)
  • Added 'Quest Progress' Conditional Branch option in the Event Editor
  • Server Panel Option for dropping items on death.
  • Created a Friends System with working private messages and GUI ('B' opens the Buddy List)
  • And much more! View the discussion topic for more details