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  Update on the site
Posted by: Link - 07-29-2016, 04:48 AM - Forum: News - Replies (15)

Hello folks,

We've gone through two web developers for the new site. We're on our third web developer, all of these were paid jobs, but the two who quit just had unfortunate situations. Trust me, no one is as impatient as me about the new site/engine releases. Just wanted to let you guys know that I'm still working on it. At this point, it's just a waiting game for me and out of my hands. I've already handled the designs and given them to the programmer.

The staff team is anxious like everyone else. Everyone is sticking around here for a reason, no matter what the reason is. As far as I'm concerned as long as one person cares about this place, it's still alive. So until I can't care about this place, it's still alive. Hopefully I can make the waiting worth it.

- Link

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  New site preview.
Posted by: Link - 07-03-2016, 02:30 PM - Forum: News - Replies (3)

[Image: yHQJAL5.png]

No need to all rush me at once. You're welcome guys.

- Link

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  [Notice!] Domain Swap - Update Your Bookmarks!
Posted by: jcsnider - 06-24-2016, 10:37 PM - Forum: News - Replies (1)

Hi everyone!

Long story short, I am working to acquire from Link. Because that is currently the site's primary domain we are bringing back online!

Please update your bookmarks, shortcuts, etc to reference Within the next week or so Eclipse will cease to exist at and will be the only way to access this community!


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  The "ban wave"
Posted by: Link - 06-04-2016, 08:00 PM - Forum: News - Replies (48)

This post, which really shouldn't need to be made, is being made so that I can explain myself and defend the Eclipse staff team. So I see a lot of you complaining about people being banned left and right...just hold the horses for a second.

I'm going to break down something really simple, as I don't know how you've missed it. The so called "left to right" bans were like 4 people, ok so let's get to the nitty gritty shall we?

Yuko - Banned because she stole the database.

Daxterxx - Banned for posting profanity all over the site, being racist and generally not giving a fuck about Eclipse (however me and him hashed it out and talked like adults, there's no beef there)

House - Banned for literally running members away with her negativity. Bringing my personal life to Eclipse (which I don't even know why she's on my facebook) it's just fucking creepy, I'd hope you wouldn't be upset over the reason she was banned. I mean, what if I was stalking your facebook?

God - I guess he was banned because he went on daily rants, a lot of racism (I think he even called Carim like a half breed moron at some point) in which there were shit tons of proof to back this up.

CMFiend - Banned because he literally sent members pms asking to go to another site, which this is not the part I cared can pm whatever the hell you want, however he started taking his "cause" to public posts and trying to shame the site. I literally tried to be civil with this kid on skype and asked him to please stop posting this shit publicly and he basically told me to fuck off. Why should I allow someone to shame our site and not be able to do anything about it? Expressing your opinion and breaking the rules are two different things.

THESE are the only bans that I know of that have happened within the last...say 6months to a year? This is what you guys call a ban wave. Please take a moment to reflect on not only these members, but your own life if you think for some reason they deserved to stick around. A lot of you are using this to fuel your own personal agenda. I'll add also that some of these members have made MULTIPLE accounts posing as "new curious" members in order to make the situation even more dramatic, ironically as new as they are...they're already picking sides...isn't it funny that's it's always the opposite side of Eclipse?? 

Can I also add that there have been plenty of instances where I should have banned someone and wouldn't have looked wrong doing it. Around this time not long ago, I was the most hesitant person when it came to banning and in fact I didn't like doing it at all. You guys have somehow managed to make me stop caring about what people think when I take action, so thanks for that.

I have no doubt that any of these individuals are cool in a lot of ways, but I can't help that they made fucked up decisions. Also, for those of you claiming it's a specific staff member just going on rage bans, please just stop. Multiple staff back these bans up and there are proof of these bans. We're not required to explain ourselves to everyone who asks why someone was banned. It's like some random ass kid on steam contacting support and asking why their friend was banned. The people reading the ticket will probably laugh and then ignore it. We're obviously not on a steam scale, but the point is ...that's pretty much how any platform, website or forum is why are you treating this one any differently? I'll tell you why.

A lot of people know Eclipse is weak right now, and it's barely hanging on to life, hell I'd argue there's nothing to hang on to, but it's not right of the "loving" members to keep attacking it. I stand by all decisions made by any staff who has banned someone and my own decisions to ban people.

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  Donation Goal [New site]
Posted by: Link - 05-27-2016, 06:50 PM - Forum: News - Replies (13)

Hello community,

The reason I'm making this post is that I'm making a donation goal to help pay for the new website (part of it anyway) I've already paid for the actual artwork, but due to change of plans the site will also have to be re-designed and as for the progamming portion that still needs to be paid although it's not complete(but near the finish). The website will cost 150$ my goal is to see if the community can help raise half of that..and the other half of which I'll pay myself. I'm still learning to work on the site myself, but right now there's no need to stop current plans and development that's already half way done. 

If you're willing to donate it would be much appreciated but if you can't that's also ok.

So our goal is to raise 75$ to help pay for the programmer's work. I'll also update the amount we've reached and who has paid towards that goal. If you're not already in the group you'll be added to the contributer group and you'll also be placed on a page on the new site for people who've helped contribute to the new site's creation (where you'll remain permenantly)

Contributor group.
Name placed in the "Hall of creation"

Goal: 240/75$

Marsh (75$)
Benjo (75$)
Matthew (30$)
Oreo (20$)
Jcsnider (20$)
God (20$)

If you want to contribute any bit will help. You can donate here:

Donation Page

Please message me if you donated along with the amount and email so that I can add update the list properly.

Edit: Thanks to all current contributions. All donations are still welcomed and appreciated!!

Thank you,

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