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Mohenjo Daro, PD

  Eclipse Rules
Posted by: Godlord - 04-14-2007, 05:52 PM - Forum: News - Replies (3)

[center]Eclipse Rules[/center]

Table of Contents.

  • 1. Etiquette.
    • 1.1. No spamming.
      • 1.1.1. No multi-posting.
    • 1.2. Images.
    • 1.3. No shouting.
    • 1.4. Post in the appropriate board.
    • 1.5. Use a proper topic title.
    • 1.6. No bypassing of the word filter.
    • 1.7. No necroposting.
    • 1.8. No copying other profiles or mimicking.
    • 1.9. No multiple accounts.
    • 1.10. No sexual harassment, pictures, videos, etc.
    • 1.11. Don't be offensive, harass or insult.
    • 1.12. Show some respect for other members.
    • 1.13. No flaming or flame baiting.
    • 1.14. Back-seat moderation.
  • 2. Laws
    • 2.1 No illegal activity.
      • 2.1.1. Server emulation or private servers.
      • 2.1.2. Copyright/patent infringement.
  • 3. Other Communities.
    • 3.1 No advertising of other engines.
    • 3.2. Flaming across communities.
  • 4. Specific Boards.
    • 4.1. Eclipse Projects
      • 4.1.1. Active Games.
      • 4.1.2. Beta Testing.
      • 4.1.3. Work in Progress.
    • 4.2. Other Games.
  • 5. The Administration.
    • 5.1. Moderator's Actions.
    • 5.2. Respect.
    • 5.3. Harassment.

1. Etiquette.

1.1. No spamming.

Spamming isn't allowed on this site at all, this includes the forums as well as the shout box. So please refrain from doing this. This includes:
  • Posting stand-alone smilies and stand-alone images that represent smilies.
  • Posting only a few words, just one word or no words at all, whereas the context represents either nothing meaningful or just something that is not relative to the subject at all.
  • Posting multiple smilies without a purpose, again this includes images that represent smilies.

You must make constructive and meaningful posts. Breaking this rule may result in a warning. However, spamming the shout box constantly will not result in a warning any longer. If we see you spamming the shout box constantly and we feel that it is necessary, then you will receive a ban of at least three days.

1.1.1. No multi-posting.

Multi-posting is when you post multiple replies after each other. A more known term is double posting, where you post two replies after each other without replies from somebody else in between. Bumping as of this isn't allowed either, unless your topic is older than one, preferably three, days.

1.2. Images.

There are a few rules as for images actually. All images uploaded and shown in a topic, in the shout box or in a reply must be using the image format PNG (Portable Network Graphics), JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) or GIF (Graphics Interchange Format). For animated images GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) and APNG (Animated Portable Network Graphics) are allowed to be used. As for vector graphics, you should use SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics). All the other image formats are discouraged and the use of BMP may result in a warning, simply because it is not funny to use a huge image.

As for the actual size itself. Theoretically, any size is allowed, however, you should keep in mind that not everybody on this forum has 1920x1080 as their resolution. Therefore, we encourage the use of the width and height property. In the case of a normal forum topic or reply you should use 640 as the width and 480 as the height. In the case of the shout box, you should use 150 as the width and the height doesn't matter, as it auto-resizes. If you want you can link the image as well using the code below (where src is the URL or the link to the image):
For topics and replies:

If your image file is more than one MB or if you're posting in a topic where there are a lot images, then please use just linking instead of the image tag. See the code below:
[code=vb][url=http://src]title or description of my image here[/url]

1.3. No shouting.

You shout when you type your sentences in capitals. Please refrain from doing this, unless it is your intention to do so. However, even if it is your intention, you should refrain from doing so. Topic titles must be in lower case, where the first letter of each word is allowed to be in upper case.

1.4. Post in the appropriate board.

You must post your topic in the right board. Moderators and administrators may move it, but they are allowed to lock your topic as well. So we recommend that you look at the board title and think a little about it before you post your topic.

1.5. Use a proper topic title.

You must use a proper topic title. It must be, like rule 1.3 explains, all in lower case, except for the first letter of each word, which may be in upper case. Additionally, you must describe what the topic is about using some key words or a small sentence.

1.6. No bypassing of the word filter.

You are not allowed to get around the word filter using any kind of hacks such as the famous [b][/b], [I][/I], [u][/u], [s][/s] or even [url=][/url]. If images or links are censored you are not allowed to bypass these either using services such as tinyurl or by uploading your own image.

There are some exceptions though and that's when the administrators and moderators are having fun once again, in this case, you are actually allowed to get past these filters and you'll easily notice when this actually is. However, in all the other cases you're not allowed to.

1.7. No necroposting.

Necroposting is partially derived from Ancient Griek, especially from the word νεκρός (nekros; "corpse," or "dead"). Necroposting means posting in a topic older than a specific time frame, the time frame is set to one month, so you aren't allowed to post in a topic older than one month. Please refrain from necroposting and use private messages or create a new topic instead.

This rule doesn't apply to the following boards: Announcements, Debate, Forum Games, Tutorials, Resources (not Request Resources), and Tutorials (+ sub-boards).

1.8. No copying other profiles or mimicking.

If you alter your profile to mimic another user's name profile then your profile will be force-changed back to the default profile; if you do this again after that, you will be muted instantly until you change your profile back. Avatars and signatures are not really included, but may however fall under this rule as well.

1.9. No multiple accounts.

Each individual human or person is allowed to only have one account. Multiple accounts will result in a full ban, that is, if we're considering that you're trying to bypass the warn. If you've been warned, muted or banned then think about your behaviour.

1.10. No sexual harassment, pictures, videos, etc.

The only board being an exception to this rule is: Area 186, except for sexual harassment.

In general no pictures, videos, links to Pictures of Chilidog, happy pictures of unadulterated sex, etc. are allowed. Ecchi is allowed, but it mainly depends on how suggestive the ecchi is.

1.11. Don't be offensive, harass or insult.

Make your posts constructive and don't offend anyone. Everybody should feel well on these forums and like to be here. This also includes signatures, avatars, shout box messages, private messages and anything else on this forum.

1.12. Show some respect for other members.

Show some respect for other members. They might disagree with you on some things, but please don't start insulting them and such. Show some respect for them and they will also show respect to you, most likely.

1.13. No flaming or flame baiting.

Both flaming and flame baiting are forbidden. Please read,31169.0.html.

If we see anyone flaming, or insulting one another, it will be dealt with immediately. The new rules are:
  • 25% Warning for an Nonconstructive Criticism.
    Anything that is slightly personally directed, or in no way contributes to the topic owner becoming 'better' or more knowledgeable in the topic.
  • 60% Mute for a second infringement of the above Rule.
    For those that break the other rule more then once in a day, or, continue on within the same topic without giving any constructive criticism.

Ban petitions aren't allowed either and will be treated as flame baiting as well, next to back-seat moderation. If we feel there's the need that someone should be banned, we will discuss it.

1.14. Back-seat moderation.

Back-seat moderation, the act of acting like a moderator or administrator while you aren't, is not allowed. If you feel that someone should be punished, use the "Report to Moderator" (or "Report to Administrator" in case of private messages) functionality instead.

2. Laws.

2.1. No illegal activity.

Posting anything illegal on these forums is forbidden and immediate actions will be taken, unless of course you are the owner of the product or file in question, or at least have permission to do so. Make sure that you read the license bound to the product or file. Asking for downloads of such, providing links to them and uploading them to our site is not allowed at all. Even not for Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0.

2.1.1. Server emulation or private servers.

Server emulation and private servers aren't allowed on Eclipse. In most cases they are against the EULA of the game they're attempting to emulate. As of such and to save us some research work we don't allow any private servers on here. Such discussions should be held elsewhere.

2.1.2. Copyright/patent infringement.

If you're using and/or distributing resources made by other parties or individuals then make sure that you have the permission to use and/or distribute these.

3. Other Communities.

3.1 No advertising of other engines.

Advertising other engines is strictly forbidden, unless you've gained permission of an administrator. There's however a difference between advertisement and comparison, the latter is allowed as everybody is allowed to know what choices they have available, however if debates such as this turn into a flame feast, then they'll get locked and/or the people who caused this will get some warns.

3.2. Flaming across communities.

Addendum concerning other communities (2009):
Flaming other communities or about other communities is discouraged. Any content that concerns another community must comply to the TOS of the community that it concerns if posted or originating from this forum. If solid evidence of an infringement of this is brought up, the content will be deleted (if posted on this forum) and the user will be warned.

4. Specific Boards.

4.1. Eclipse Projects.

The Eclipse Projects board is a collection of all projects made by Eclipse. This board can be used for finished games, beta testing, and games currently not released alike.

Screen shots, videos and so on are all optional for WiP games, but needed for other types. Your topic must be updated at least once each month, otherwise it will get locked.

Topics posted in this board are open to criticism, questions, suggestions, ideas, etc., even if you expressly say you do not want it, but not to flaming as this is against 1.13. It's recommended for topic posters that they either ignore or report this and do not actually react towards this or even start flame baiting.

4.1.1. Active Games.

Active Games must include:
  • A short description or some information about the game.
  • The version number of the game (unless you don't use versions, it's recommend to use the date instead, in that case).
  • An URL or link to the game (optional, if you provide a website address instead).
  • Your website address.
  • Some screenshots or videos.
  • A list of features.
  • An uptime of approx. 100% (a.k.a. 24/7).
  • A status checker must be included, if you don't have one you can use this.

4.1.2. Beta Games.

A Beta Testing topic is used by people to announce that you can (temporarily) test their game. In this case, when you are making such a topic, you must at least provide:
  • A short description or some information about the game.
  • The version number of the game (unless you don't use versions, it's recommend to use the date instead, in that case).
  • The testing period (e.g. 1st January 1989 - 21st January 1989; unless it is unknown, in which case you could just state something like 1st January 1989 - N/A).
  • An URL or link to the game (only required for public tests).
  • Your e-mail or website so readers can request an invitation (only required for private tests).
  • The amount of possible invitations left (only required for private tests, use N/A if you have an unlimited amount of invitations available, otherwise use something like 9/24).
  • At least one screenshot.
  • A list of features currently available.
  • A list of what you want to be tested and what you want to hear opinions about.

4.1.3. Work in Progress.

The Work in Progress is the board where people can talk about their game and its progress. New games can be posted here.
  • A short description or some information about the game.
  • Things you already have

4.2. Other Games.

A user posting in other games must have 25 Posts. You are not allowed to advertise and then simply leave the community. The topic must contain information on the game, and not just a link to another forum, and have a few paragraphs of information and screenshots. As the name implies, other engines are not allowed.

5. The Administration.

5.1. Moderator's Actions.

The moderators and administrators reserve the right to take any action they see necessary to preserve the status-quo of the forum (including, but not limited to, topic moving, locking, deleting and editing).  While the moderators will typically try to inform the user of these actions in some form, they are not required to do so and may take action without informing the user.

5.2. Respect.

You are expected to have respect for the administration team, not only as an individual but as a whole.

If you feel a particular moderator is editing, locking, deleting your posts for personal gain or just to make you miserable, then send a private message or e-mail to that member asking why those actions have been taken. If you do not receive a satisfactory answer, then notify another moderator or administrator about it. It's discouraged to create new threads covering this subject as they may erupt into a flame war and may eventually turn the whole administration team against you. It's also discouraged to create threads where you apology for misbehaving or some mischief you caused and because of that these topics will end up locked. We do not want any open discussions about taken actions. If you want to talk about it then contact a moderator or an administrator, as they'll most-likely review the case.

Please keep in mind that it is considered a privilege to partake in this community. Abusing this privilege will result in removal of it.

5.3. Harassment.

Harassing a staff member via any channel of communication, whether it be via private messages or even MSN, because (s)he executed an action that you disagree with, is strictly prohibited. You can however send a private message considering the taken actions to a moderator or an administrator, but this must be done politely and preferably in proper English, that means that your message should be void of swearing and that proper spelling is used as professionalism is required in these cases.

  The Forum Administration Team.

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  !!!Next Eclipse Posting Rules!!!
Posted by: Godlord - 03-04-2007, 05:14 PM - Forum: News - Replies (2)

The Rules for posting in Next Eclipse topic:
- No flaming.
- No request of the release date or anything like that, not even ETA.
- Suggestion are allowed.
- No Off-Topic (that's for Chit Chat or PM)
- No forcing to release EE or something like that.
- No topic hijacking.
- No s.e.xual content or words.
- No asking for source code or scripts.
- No leet.
- No offensive language.
- No requesting to be an EE dev.
- Have respect for other people.

You are warned. If this happens then you get a warning and your reply CAN be removed.

If any rules need to be added PM me.


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