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Why when i edit server or client files frx,bas… nothing happened?I can delete those files server and client anyway work fine.How to edit server ??? 😞

for example i try add /online in /help command but nothing happened

Select Case Command(0)

Case “/help”
                    Call AddText(“Social Commands:”, HelpColor)
                    Call AddText("/w msghere = Broadcast Message", HelpColor)
                    Call AddText("-msghere = Emote Message", HelpColor)
                    Call AddText("/pm namehere msghere = Player Message", HelpColor)
                    Call AddText("/g msghere = Guild message", HelpColor)
                    Call AddText(“Available Commands: /info, /who, /fps, /fpslock, /online”, HelpColor)

do you compile them? are you using vb6 how are you editing… give more info man

Second: don’t like your own post man that just not cool

In order to edit the source of your game, you need a programming IDE known as VB6. you can’t necessarily obtain it legally however anymore.

like growl said you need vb6. If you have vb6 after you edit it are you compiling and saving? or…?

im using visual studio and i dont know how to compile with vb6

the IDE you need is Visual Studio 6.0 not, 2013 and whatnot. To compile in Visual studio 6.0, click on File and you should see “Make <instert name=”" here="">.exe" this will compile your project, provided there are no errors</instert>

i can’t find Visual Studio 6.0 to download  😞

Messaged you. For future reference to anyone else, currently the only ways of obtaining Visual Studio 6.0 is to either Pirate it or obtain it from a site like ebay or amazon.

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