Buy gold edition

I visit this page

and click “add to cart” and paypal’s page appear, If i send money and how the admin knows that’ money is mine ?

Please guide me how to buy gold …

first step is to not buy gold. second step is to choose an open source engine that’s on the forums here. third step is to hire someone for that same amount of money so you can get so much more done with that same amount of money. the next step is to profit from what you’ve paid to make your game.

However if you’re still going to be persistent on the purchase, Eclipse 4 and V are basically dead, it’s not worth purchasing anymore. if you REALLY want to still buy the engine, i believe they send a serial code to your email and you use that to activate the gold license.

I highly suggest not purchasing gold and instead getting an engine made in EO 3 such as Eclipse Worlds. Not only is it free it actually gets updates often unlike 4 which hasn’t had one in months.

If/When you buy gold, we send the license key to your email address.



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