How can i make a quest like this ?

I make a quest a mom need player’s help to find her son

First talk to mom and show 2 choice –> yes & no

choose yes, & begin the quest, if I talk with mom one again -> she says “I’m worry about my son now…”

talk to NPC (boy) in the city, <—

The boy says :" I’m lost my money, I can’t go home … I’m scare"

And the player give him 5 gold, If talk to him one again he says “thanks”

Back to mom and get the rewards

help me , thanks

I’d start by setting an event down on your map. Then change it’s graphic to the sprit you will be using for the mother. Now in this event add “show choices” to the page. It will pop up with a window that let’s you enter the mothers text asking for help  in the big box at the top and the different choices the char. can make in the little boxes bellow. In the 1st choice box make it the NO dialoge. Iin the 2nd choicse box place Yes as the dialoge here. Now when you return to the event editor page it will have a blank @ line of code under each choise line of code. Click on the 1st blank @ line then add add “show text” say what ever is said for the no awnser, Yes is put in the 2nd blank  @ line of code  add another “show text”. When you have done this it should let you add “begin quest” under the Yes Choise line. You will need to make the quest on the addmin pannel.  Now for the Son you will need to do about the same. He needs a “show choise” event. but this time he’ll ask for money instead of help. In the no section of corse have him say something like  FINE THEN. or WHAT EVER lol. but in the yes blank @ line add “change iteam” have it take the 5 gold and then finalize the quest.

P.S. Sorry for this last little bit. but you’ll probly need to make either a player variable or player switch for this quest, I am not sure been awhile since I’ve made a quest lol but I’ll help out if you need more question on this or I was not to clear in my explination, bad explainer here…

and a quest can redo it ?

I create an event like those photos, mother and son, and what should i do now ?

anybody help me ?

a quest which player can do it again after completed

and a quest like above

ok I found a way to complete it, thanks everybody

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