OpenGypsy Closed Release

**As of right now **THIS IS NOT AN ENGINE! IT’S A GAME “Canvas”!

So I’ve done some talk about releasing a “Game Engine” called Juiced/OpenGypsy… Well no one wanted a freaking sidescroller so I trashed Juiced and renamed it OpenGypsy as a 2D Engine… Than I decided I didn’t wanna reprogram EVERYTHING in C# for a Tiled Engine. So I wrote it in javascript for the web. Then I decided Screw this shizz I’m just writing a game base and calling it OpenGypsy… So… without further or do here is a [Closed] Release…**

What is a closed release?

Basically I’m only releasing it to people who think they can really use it. If you want it, pm me what asking for it and what you will use it for.

Why closed release?

It’s not really “Done” there’s a lot of features I plan on updating and the current version is NOT for your everyday eclipsian. It requires some pretty hardcore setup and just getting the maps rolling can kinda be a pain in the ass.

Why release it if it’s not done?

There’s a lot of shizz to do forthis and those who are going to use it I have a deal to help me debug and make a few features better and see how others fix their issues.

What does this release entail?

As of right now THIS IS NOT AN ENGINE! IT’S A GAME “Canvas”!

SQL Accounts,

2 frame movement Animations including attack Animations,

unrestricted Movement, (Not tile based movement, it’s pixel by pixel)


StoryLine/TiledScript Event Triggering

OGG music support

Account Support

[Unfinished, but still sort of working] NPC’s

Scrolling Maps (Just finished this too)

Database Creating Script (.sql files)

What is NOT in this release yet



Player Housing
[that’s all off the top of my head]

Are there rules to use this?

Of course there is, Credit Dylan Dodds or World 8 Studios in your game

There is to be no “Custom Versions” of my work. If you would like to release your features in my work, send your feature’s code to me I will be happy to evaluate, test, and add it to the engine if It passes an inspection.

How can I get this release?

Private message me asking me for OpenGypsy. Give me some details about your project, I don’t care for a 1000 word storyline, what I want to know is how motivated you are to working with my engine and that you have the skills to understand how to use it.

Does it come with a documentation?

I’m writing it up as you read this.

Should I read the documentation before doing specific actions like uploading a map?

Yeah… duh…

Is there a license?

Writing this too…

What language is it written in?

Client: Javascript, Html5, CSS

Server: C# with SuperWebSockets

What do I need to start using OpenGypsy

A WebServer, I recommend Apache2

A MySQL Server.

A MySQL interface (MySQL Workbench, MySQL console, or PhpMyAdmin, I recommend Workbench and console)

A Windows Machine to run the physical server

[If Webserver is on a seperate machine then the game server]

Remote access to the MySQL database.

Visual Studio 2012 or higher [For server Source Edits]

Some sort of Web IDE for client edits _Does it cost?

No, however if you plan on using my software, I do ask that if you find any bugs or make any fixes or have any cool features you don’t mind others using, please send them to me it makes the final production SOooo much faster and SOooo much less work for me.

The release will be ready soon you can send your Private Messages into me now and I’ll let you know when the release is ready to be fowarded. I just need to finish the license and some documentation_**

The link above the is OpenGypsy official documentation, the license will be finished and posted shortly

Oh wow, good job man.

I have a proposition for you.  Will contact via PM.

Looks good, hit me up on skype 🙂

Oh wow, good job man.

I have a proposition for you.  Will contact via PM.

Alright just hit me up.

Looks good, hit me up on skype  🙂

Nice signiture T_T…

Alright what’s your skype, I’m Dylan-soulz

Sending you a PM now, Crest.  Hopefully we can work something out, eh. 😉

Why “Gypsy” ?

He’s secretly a girl living a gypsy lifestyle das why.

The names you people come up with.

Open, being OpenSource… Gypsy, gypsy being “A free soul” OpenSource and Free.

“Free to code, Free to Create”

I named it after my puppy…

When I hear Gypsy I imagine something like this:

I think you choosed very weird name 😄

choosed? And why do you think of the crazy hobo that believes in aliens? That’s not a gypsy…

choosed? And why do you think of the crazy hobo that believes in aliens? That’s not a gypsy…

In my country, it is.

In my country, it is.

XD when I think Gypsy I think that TV show with the retarded girls that beat each other up and talk smack to each other.  my gf watches it lel

Do you guys even understand what a gypsy is?

We don’t need to understand them [might sound racist] but we do know them, and “Gypsy” was pretty uninspired.

When I first read “OpenGypsy” I thought of a gypsy female with her legs spread.

A gypsy is a gypsy, everyone is a free soul, people just intentionally chain themselves.

When I think of Gypsy I think of OpenGypsy

I got one, CosedCondom  Its a condom and its closed……yo this is fun

OpenFlame - ( just got that one)



I agree that the name isn’t the best… Gypsies do not have very good reputation in most places…

But good luck with the engine nonetheless!

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