Hi, I need some help with player houseing furniture?

Hi, I have made a Item for the bed furniture and then I try to drag it to the house and it dose not show up, did I do something wrong in items area? I followed the tutorial and I still can not put the item in the players house. I have 10 furniture’s setup for the house, what I’m I doing wrong. Please help thanks 🙂

The furniture item has to be in your inventory drag it from there, and you have to own the house in game. You do those 2 things?

Hi, yes I have done that and it still will not show up?

Do your furniture items have correct GFX, put into your furniture folder as .pngs?

I’m just using the ones that comes with the engine.

Guys the issue he’s having is not coding nor graphics, he simply “doesnt own the house” so warp to another map. PLace a buy house on map buy the house it will warp you to the house then u can drag the furniture enjoy 🙂

ya thats whats wrong, I tryed setting it the buy house with out money, is set it to 0 and it did not work because of that. Thanks and sorry about this. 🙂

don’t be sorry man glad to help out thats what the forums are for 🙂

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