Any idea if we can implement these features to EO4?


So I’ve found Eclipse Origins 4 not long ago, and I’m quite impressed with it already. When I checked out the FAQ and forums, and tried out the Silver edition, I saw that even for 60$ Gold might be worth it, if somebody wants to create a custom little MMO for his friends and aquaintances and stuff. Nothing like Ragnarok or WoW of course, but seems pretty neat nevertheless.

However, after some thinking, a lot of issues and ideas came into my mind, so I’ve listed them here. I haven’t seen much of the engine yet, so I don’t know for sure if the following are maybe already in the engine, or can be done with a custom script/mod, or they are not, so if some of them are already accessible somehow, please do inform me. I might be, no, I probably am asking a bit much, but most of the things I’m going to list are (at least I think) not so hard to stuff into the engine.

tl,dr: Are the following features available already by default, can be acquired by custom scripts/mods/coding, or are they not and probably never will?

So, here I go:

Dueling another player?

Battles for several players? (e. g. joinable 3v3)

Dungeons which can be joined by all party members?

Some kind of daily/weekly in-game ladder about achievements, PvP points, etc.?

An even more diverse spell system, so that not only damage/heal/stun are available, but also other mechanics like mini-stun (0.25 sec, or 0.6 sec), or silencing the enemy so he cannot cast anything, or rushing right next to/away from the enemy, buffs, debuffs, auras, and dispelling magic against them, passive abilities, several

types of damage (Fire, Ice, etc.), and resistances against each type as stats.

Modifyable stats, I mean like you can set each to a certain value (like each point of Strength gives 2 attack damage, etc.)

Customizable races each with their own custom facial/body features and racial traits/skills

Professions or Skills like farming, mining etc.

Quests for parties (with a higher difficulty and higher reward)

Houses for guilds or players

Rideable mounts, or at least a speed increasing spell

Languages to choose from (client-side) [If this will only work for quest texts, that would be enough too]

Increasable/decreasable reputations with factions in the game

I’m looking forward to your answers guys, as I’m really fascinated by this engine and if, like, the majority of them are available (especially the spell system rework and the dungeon system), then I’m probably going to invest in either EO4 Gold, or the new Eclipse V.

I don’t believe any of these are available in Eclipse 4. And I don’t think the devs will work on adding any features to EO4 either since they are working on a new HTML engine called  Eclipse 5. And no Eo4 doesn’t have any custom modding or scripting support. It’s basically “be happy with what you have” kinda deal.

However there other engines here like Eclipse Worlds which are open source. This means you can add in the required features.

Thanks for the quick answer. So, you say that someone who is good at programming/coding can add the features above? Because I’m not. 🙂  Guess I have to try and find somebody for this. Nevertheless, thank you very much! ^^

Party dungeons and player housing are already inside EO 4.0, the other features are not.

I have just spoken with JCsnider this morning and he said there will be at least one more update to EO4 alongside thier work to EO5.

EO5 is going to be multi platform with LUA scripting so you can make these edits. EO5 wont be out for a bit but they are still working on it regardless of the wait time.

Other eclipse engines are open source so you can make the edits yourself, however you will need a programmer if you are not one

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