No Sounds Are Playing

Neither sounds effects nor game music are playing in either EO3.0 or Eclipse Advanced v3.0.21. Is there something wrong with FMOD?

more details…

maybe they’re not in the right format ?

I had the same issue, but after a while it just started working for some reason. Sorry that i can’t be of much help right now, but if you happen to have the same ‘problem’ i did, it should work if you just keep working on the game, lel

It only happens when in VB6. If its compiled, the music does play. I found that it was a line to check App.LogData which exited the function before FMOD could be initialized. I’m not really sure what this check is for… I could just remove that If statement but I’m not sure if it will cause other problems… How do I enable App.LogData?

FMOD can be touchy some times. What else is running in the background while you’re running from the IDE? I have a sneaky suspicion it’s a conflict. Though FMOD can be touchy, it does indeed work! 🙂

Come to think of it, the mouse wheel fix is also not working in VB6, this might just be my VB6 then. Could that be the problem? Other than that, I don’t think I have anything else going…

Your fmod problem is something to do with how fmod is being initialized if i am correct. your mouse wheel problem, look in your Add-ins section and see if the mouse wheel add on is checked.

I don’t think it’s FMOD itself. The client checks for App.LogData and because it fails the check, it exits the FMOD initialization before it even starts. I’m not sure what this App.LogData is actually even for

What OS do you use? Sometimes eclipse has to be run in Windows XP SP3 compatabillity mode on new systems to get it fully functional

Check and see if the standalone exe has sound(the already compiled one). if it does, it’s something people like to do with the project to remove sound when developing and having to restart the application constantly(to test to see if something works, if not, just stop, edit, and start it up again, rinse and repeat).

Oh yeah, check and makesure the fmod.dll library is in you compilation directory, that’s important too

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