3d (image format) mesh to Eclipse

Hello everyone! my name is Charles im new here 🙂

I’m a 3d character designer and I want to put my characters (image format) into Eclipse


Can I resize the size of characters should be in eclipse? because the character default sheet is 132 x 144, can I make it bigger than that for my 3d character fit in the engine?

The size of the sprites is dynamic. In the code, the size of each frame is

FrameWidth = Graphic.Width / 4
FrameHeight = Graphic.Height / 4

So resizing it would for sure work!

the engine works in a 32/32 pixel format, meaning, the image itself has to be divisible by 32 and still come back with a non-decimal integer. You can change it however

Oh thanks everyone! where do I change it by the way? 😄

if you have the engine source(to whatever engine you’re using) either look in a sub called DrawSprite or DrawPlayer, as i said, depending on which engine you’re using. it’ll all be the same but from what i recall, EO 2 uses DrawPlayer and DrawNPC, not DrawSprite as a global render calling.

Where can I find the sources? at the server folder?

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