Eclipse Forum,

We at Joy-Toilet are looking for a pixel artist to create sprite sheets and environment tiles/art for our next release.  The desired applicant should be proficient in 64bit style pixel art.  Joy-Toilet is not primarily a game development company, instead we act as an aggregate to multiple forms of media.  Ideally, the artist should be willing to join our diverse team of individuals as a long term contributor. Unfortunately this is not a paid position initially, as much as we despise revenue-sharing gigs ourselves, the compensation this position offers is 25% of all revenue generated by the product upon release. That being said, this job is best suited for those seeking to build portfolio quickly and/or break into the game industry as a 2D artist.

Applicants may email portfolios and contact information to janitor[at]joy-toilet[dot]com. Also, applicants should be 18 years or older since an NDA and contributors agreement is involved. We prefer those with fairly hasty turnaround times since we work feverishly ourselves. You know, synergy and all that stuff.

Hints about the project

  • You like goblins? Good, because we need those drawn up.

  • The project itself will be built on a completed proprietary game engine.

  • It will be 2-dimensional.

Joy-Toilet works in divisions, meaning we may have multiple projects going on at any given time.  For quick reference, here is a couple of things our game development end has worked on in the past.

Zoo Base

First Paradise