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Due to my Scifi Shooter project being to out of genre for most artist to grasp at the moment and causing great delays I decided to put it on the back burner for my later project way down the road. So instead am bringing my old RPG idea to surface to hopefully intereste a few people on here. No humans in this game. Think Pokemon with no humans, they speak our language, and have civilizations like us, such as Wars, economies etc. I think it is unique yet common enough to draw in the crowds of fans of other games. Read below for a little more information, thanks!

The project has no name right now, I did have a decent name, but it was to closely related to another games. As a team we will come up with a good one.

The inspiration: Pokemon/Digimon/Final Fantasy, and more……

Why make a game like this you ask?
A) Well for years now growing I have seen and played many games related to the RPG and fantasy universe. I along with friends sat there like you and loved Pokemon, loved Digimon, and loved the Final Fantasy story and artwork. Now I would love to make my own world expressed through the inspiration listed above.

How would Pokemon and Digimon look where death is real, the danger is constant, where misery is all too common in the world. Well we can live that idea together by making such a game.

The Project:

This Game is not a typical RPG action game, with the intent to keep maximum excitement and action through the game play, we have introduced RPG PvP, dungeon running environments, and real time fighting.

The concept:

Across the lands of Gyo lived creatures of great power, and with that, great dangers. Wars ran wild like a fire, towns and villages, all gone in the blink of an eye. Some good, some bad. After many years of War between good and evil, over the lives of many, a new group has formed; a brotherhood created to face this evil and deny its rule over the lands. The brotherhood consisted of many creatures from all over the world of Gyo. They banded together in hopes of bringing true peace to the world of Gyo, and freeing it from the evil and tormenting Yami. The new group of brave warriors is called Hikari, in essence to be the light, the guidance for peace and honor.

Though the task will be daunting and the adventure unknown, the mission is the same. Defeat Cloud and prevent his evil from spreading across Gyo. You must pick a side good or evil, light or darkness, peace or power. You must choose your path, in this world of Gyo.

The Storm is Coming:

The story of Rain and Cloud……Brothers of Good and Evil.

In the small village of Ryuu, the land of proud warriors lived 2 small and talented young warriors, Rain and Cloud. As the two brothers grew up training, fighting each other, and embarking on small adventures. A corrupting darkness grew between them, and Cloud began to judge his brother as weak, not powerful enough. Cloud believed he could take whatever he desired from the weak, as they were undeserving of owning it. Cloud then started growing further from his kind hearted brother; he believed a real warrior needs no feelings, only power. His ideas turned so imaginative that one day he took the lives of his very own parents because he felt they held his true power back, and kept him locked away from the world he so desperately wanted.

Rains promise to dying parents…

Rain swore to his parents that if he could not save his brother from this unforseen hatred and evil, that he would bring light to his heart and set him free from the evil by his own hands.

The brothers made a promise that night that they will both follow their own path and that one day they would meet to do battle. Cloud swore of power, Rain swore of peace, the fight will decide the future for all of Gyo. Storm of the century is upon us.




You will have two factions to choose from Yami and Hikari. It will be your job to fight the on going evil or challenge the good for supremacy. In this epic tale of light vs the darkness, you will experience game play at high velocity, always looking over your shoulder, and no place to hide. With feature rich attributes to each monster and enemy, you can have endless fun tormenting and devastating your enemies on the battlefield. is this a war for good, is this a war for evil, perhaps, it is just for survival.

Targeting Platform and Audience:

Platform: PC/Mac

Engine: ?

Audience: 10+

Developers: US

Publisher: Hopefully Steam/Desura

Style: PvP/ RPG co-op/MMO


Coming Soon!

Areas of Gyo:

Coming soon!

Hikari Side:

Rain (Hikari leader)
Yami Side:

Cloud (Yami Leader)

More soon!

GUI/UI Layouts:

In Game rough layout and details… Coming Soon!


(What are revolutions in game?) Good questions, let me explain…

They will be the evolutional states allowed per character.

Each character will have up to 4-5 states and the highest state allowed with be marked on character card. Say you play as Cloud, Cloud will be an R4 meaning he has 4 revolutions. he has a high number as he is a standard starter creature in game. Most will have R1-2 as the higher versions of revolutions will need unlocked.

R1 Fighter stage

R2 Warrior Stage

R3 Guardian Stage

R4 God Stage

R5 Mystic God Stage (God stage extension)

Enemies will also be classified at their current stage during PvE game play.

EX: R1 Scythis Horde Level 7…that is an enemy classification!

This means that the Scythis is at a stage 1 Fighter and not all that powerful at level 7.

Revolutions can be unlocked by paying cash for in game revo unlockers, leveling up, do events or quests, or lastly having a certain amount of logged game time.

More on revolutions soon…

What I need to realize such a project?

I am Joshua Minger. I am 24 years old. I been apart of several freelancing projects both doing my usual 2D graphic design, or by running the business and management sectors. I have had my ups and downs throughout the years. It was all a learning process. This game will be marketed, advertised, hopefully placed on steam if we get greenlit, etc. I will have social media campaigns ran once we have enough content. proper company/team website and game website. A base community of support started here on the forums.

What I need now is a select few individuals who share the passion I do for game creation and development. I have been in Unity the past 3 years and wanted to expand a bit and do something with an engine that gives you more for less.

The Needs (all royalty percentages and hopeful full employment in the future are perks at this moment):

2D Concept Artist

2D Texture Artist

Sprite/Pixel Artist



Web Coders that are familiar with Wordpress back-end, as this is what we will use. Based on research it works rather well.

Sound/Music Composer

Assistant Community Manager

Video FX Artist

anything else that I may have missed and could benefit the team/project.

If you feel this project peeks your interest and you can help support the cause for the games creation then please email me or Skype. After 5 members have been placed on team we will start doing everything by a majority vote process for new recruits and team decisions. This ensures better organization, team chemistry, and morale.

Contact Me:

[email protected]

Skype ID: Mingerjosh

Thanks for taking the time to read all of this and look forward to all the great new friendships I build and legacies we can create.

What will you be doing?


Read this to see what things I can offer to any project including my own.

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