Project 8 - Good idea, or bad idea?

Disclaimer: So before I start I wanna say, I’m posting this to hear opinions before I got shipping it on other sites/communities. So feel free to state any constructive criticism. If you think the idea itself is garbage, please let me know as well I’m not looking to hear only “Holy shizz this is a great Project”.

Warning: This project my be EXTREMELY dumb… or EXTREMELY cool, I tend to leave the choice to you

Okay the fancy banner got me… What’s Project 8?

So this has probably been attempted before, hell I’ve heard “Collaboration” all the time and it never works out. No one likes being told what to do and no one likes working together, this includes me. But what hasn’t been tried around here is one big * shared library supporting a cause.

Here’s the plan: To contribute resources such as Graphics and Music as well as Source Code into a community styled website and use those resources for a very special project.

So what’s the cause

To reinvent the games we knew and love growing up on the NES, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, and SNES.

What the hell do I mean by reinvent?

Let me put it this way, In the past long while let’s admit that games have been designed for a younger audience… and the games that are designed for our generation just doesn’t have that same nostalgic feel as picking up your Special Pikachu edition Gameboy Color from when you were <Insert Age Here> plugging in <Insert your favorite Gameboy Color Game Here> and turning that bad boy on!

I want game developers to have an interest in writing good classic style story lines, feeling free to make game stories, production, and game play humorous and enjoyable to the players. We are indie developers, but my question to you is, why the hell are half of us Indies trying to develop the corporate standard of a “professional” or “Top Title” game. People have goals to get money and get big off their games, or look cool to their friends. In fact as I was writing this title I had a really negative chat with someone on Open Game Art that I’ll give details to in the end.

Think positive, don’t think for your audience, make a goal for your game, and whether that goal is to bring back something good and nostalgic, or writing a game that’s main focus is telling a badass story, I want you to bring that to life.

Where does Project 8 come in?

Okay so here’s the idea behind Project 8 with that. I want to see developers and designers assisting other people out, getting what they need to actually complete there project, whatever it is, free of charge. Where you can make a god damn request and not have to wait a week to get that request in.

My goal is to make a website where professional game developers and graphics designers get together and listen to requests. If they like the project they will take a resource request from your Project Wall and they will design that request. It’s like crowed funding for a game, but rather than money people submit art and codes.

Why should I care?

EVERYONE here has had a project where they had great potential in that they’ve given up on. Whether it was one of the thousands of engines, or thousands of game projects. It’s about preventing people from giving it up. It’s the others motivating you to finish your project. To stop getting stuck and giving up!

What projects will be there?

There will be an administrative system on the board, your project has to be good, it has to be presentable, if you don’t put interest in your post, then we get the idea you won’t have interest to complete your game, meaning we won’t post it. Only projects that appear to have good potential and high hopes get to be posted. It doesn’t matter what it is or how bad the game idea sounds to us. All that matters is that you have the potential to make it happen.

Depending on replies and opinions I could set things up next week, let’s hear it eclipse. You decide. Is Project 8 a yay or nay?

It was a decent proposition until you wrote that you would be accepting or declining “projects” based on inadequate criteria, e.g. your subjective opinion with very little thought to qualitative data or how you would procure that data.

What is the explicit definition of the criteria you’re looking for in a project?

How could you qualitatively or quantitatively determine if an individual, group, team, or entity has the potential to “make it happen”?

Here’s a good suggestion: Find a case study on the effectiveness of group or community voting; analyze Steam Greenlight and their processes for determination of go/no-go scenarios.

The old games are dead, make something new inspired off of them. Move on.

The old games are dead, make something new inspired off of them. Move on.

And I quote, “to reinvent the games we knew and loved.”

Wall Ball is a nod to Pong.  -insert unannounced space shooter title here- is a nod to Space Invaders and Centipede.  Two perfect examples of works that could have potentially benefited from a collective like what he just proposed.

These community type things never work out. Too much vision and not many people wanting to follow. Basically, you will have a lot of disorder in the project. People wanting to do different things/etc.

These community type things never work out. Too much vision and not many people wanting to follow. Basically, you will have a lot of disorder in the project. People wanting to do different things/etc.

You really did not read all of his proposal, did you?  He stated that people could post resource requests and others could voluntarily pull that request and fill it at their leisure.  Of course you’re going to have a million and one ideas; that’s the whole point.

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