Vertimon TCG

Vertimon, the Trading Card Game!

So what is Vertimon? It’s this new idea to bring back old school trading card video games. We’re making an online multiplayer game that can be played in your browser! It’s pretty cool

The Goal

The goal of this game is to make an EXTREMELY nostalgic project. It’s as if when you see this game your just all over in a good mood because you feel like your playing your gameboy color or something and enjoying yourself as a kid. That is my goal for this project. Here is a glimps of some graphical previews of this.


Gamble Money on games,

Shop and customize your character

Rent a room to display awards and other cool in game goodies

Customize Decks

Collect Cards

Player Versus Player Card games

Funding Ideas

So making card art is a LOT of work. and we don’t want expensive product all over our game so we’re gonna make a few VIP zones and pay to play tournaments. Here will be the official prices

To play - Free

Booster Pack (Also earnable in game) - $1

VIP Status - $4 / month

Rent a room - $3 / month\


Okay so here are some previews of the cards we’re working… All hail the doge card.

The stats on DOGE are NOT the final stats, we have to lower it… it’s MUCH to over powered

The Team

Crest - Game Director

Lex - Programmer

Henrik - Possible our Graphic Designer

Browser Support(As of now it looks icky in chrome…)

Sprite Changing is up!


How can you help?

Right now we’re looking for people to submit art for their cards, just follow the style. Keep it looking oldschool colors to a minimum. The color you make your card will set the cards type. Fire - Red Brown -Earth, etc.

We will keep updated!

Wow this looks really awesome. I’ve always loved trading cards ever since I was a kid, more specifically Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon. The graphics look great and I love the fact that you can gamble cash on games.

Dude, I’m working on a card game. Gotta love it when someone else is working on a similar project 😛

Digging the retro graphics. Good luck.

Thanks guys! I love to hear thoughts on it

Thanks guys! I love to hear thoughts on it

What are the rules for a duel?

What are the rules for a duel?

Will be posted probably tuesday, we’re not 100% finished with them.

Browser Support(As of now it looks icky in chrome…)

Updated with some info/screenshot


As of tonight, our network works, and you can walk around in game, however we’re not taking registrations, I’ll be posting when registrations are up, shouldn’t be until we have out Card Interface in, which is going to be the focus after getting the chat to run.

Card 3: Army of Seb, art designed by SEB

My own card submission.

My own card submission.

This is in the game now, lol

[Updates] The following has been completed

First Female Sprite

Different sprites linked to account

Loading Maps

Caching Maps

Changing Maps

Draw NPCs

NPC Collision

Wall Collision

Warp Tiles

Draw Other Players

Move Other Players

Created NPC database in JSON file

Created Card Database in JSON file

NPC Speech

Card Graphics Completed: 5

Card Scripts Completed: 0



Fixed Network Bugs with sending 2 update packets at once

Fixed Network Bug Receiving Chat

Fixed Graphical Client Bug Players stay drawn after changing Maps

Fixed Network issue Players don’t draw until they move on Login

Fixed Network issue Players Don’t draw until they move on change map

Fixed Collision Bug stopping movement in a specific direction


[Current Bugs]

Chat goofs up client side with scrolling

The Characters \ and " in chat will prevent your message from being parsed on the server


[Coming Updates]

Card Gameplay

Card Interface

Hover Cards accesses card database for information

Deck Modification

First Starter Deck

Booster Packs


Shop Interface

Chat Commands

NPC Scripts

NPC Navigation

Registration[Coming after the card interface]


[Features In Planning]

VIP Player Houses

VIP Familiar/Follower [Just for looks]

VIP Maps


VIP Tournaments

Sprite Customization

In Game “Forums” - Bulletin boards and Private messaging in game


Okay, so I’m at a pretty tough point in development, Making this a card game will take a long time to make all the cards and card effects, do you guys wanna see this like a zelda style RPG, like no levels but inventories and stuff… OR should we go with the card game… we have 5 cards and every set should have atleast 100 cards not to mention that we have to make all the art and program in effects for every card.


Card game. It’s a little different than your typical RPG.

card game it’s a much more interesting concept

I like the card game idea but to be honest my first thought when I saw the graphics was a pokemon clone. Also, I don’t think there needs to be 100’s of cards for each deck, I mean, pokemon only had 150 pokemon, to start out with, plus item cards so maybe like 200-250 cards total.

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