Been messing around making loads of tiles + sprites with this 8 bit style MINIMALISTIC STYLE I have going on, thought a zombie game would be more fun, any criticisms?

Normal : 

Resized : 

btw it’s set in a school the characters are school kids

I don’t think you know what 8-bit even means.

Anyone with actual constructive criticism? I do know generally what it means and I didn’t say this was 8-bit, I said it was an 8 bit style. No need to be anal please comment when your ego has deflated.

Excuse me? That was very rude. I was giving real criticism; would it be alright if I drew a star, and said that it was in the style of a pineapple, simply because it was yellow?

Be a little nicer, please. There’s no room for rude people here.

I think you were ruder then he was Chief. Anyway, petty squabbling aside I think it looks pretty cool. Is it possible to get a outline around the score to make it stand out more maybe? Either way looks cool, keep it up.

Is this multiplayer or just single player and you put characters around to guard? I’m a bit confused on that, but it looks good regardless. Though I agree that some of the stuff should be out lined or something.

Not really 8-bit

Dam bud that was just un called for I think chief deserves an apologie, he’s trying to help you by pointing out he don’t think you know what it means, either way it looks ok

I’m not going to apologise for anything, someone rude to me i’ll be rude back. I understand what 8 bit is for fucks sake I just said it was an 8 BIT STYLE to attract views on the forums because ‘**minimalistic styled pixel art zombie game mock up’ **is a mouthful.


now heads can start coming out of arses…

Squabbling aside. This was purely a mock up and I went a bit overboard with the display etc. Marsh I wanted to keep the white outline on the players def to keep it cartoony but also to make the players/enemies easily visible. As for the other characters it was purely a mock up for a possible multplayer iphone game but the coder and I didn’t have enough time to follow through. So now I was thinking of mixing up the tils and making an eclipse engine school kid survivor zombie game.

You know use old science appliances to create a flamethrower, sharpen math utensils, raid the janitors store room, or even pelt the zombies with footballs!

If everyone could be so kind as to drop the whole slip of the fucking tongue and get back on topic that’d be appreciated. If not please just get off the topic

  1. "Constructive criticism is the process of offering valid and well-reasoned opinions about the work of others, usually involving both positive and negative comments, in a friendly manner rather than an oppositional one. The purpose of constructive criticism is to improve the outcome."

Good work! keep it up!

Customization is easier with this style, good for smaller games. I dig this style

Cheers mate!

If you get a demo together let me know. look pretty cool

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