Requesting Mapper

Looking for  decent mapper.

Heres a screenshot of the game.  I just need someone to map my world… I have mach up drawings …

Whats your project called and about? Also how many people in the team and what do they do? lastly what is the future plans for the project and team? Thanks in advance!

Hi Ryzon, I am Growlith1223, the Lead Programmer of this project. To answer your questions, our project is known as Dusk Reborn: Story of Eldrum. there is about 5 people within the team if I remember correctly, Including myself and Sinnix. There are 3 others which 1 does maps/dungeons, another does item development, and the other does NPC development.

We CURRENTLY need a second mapper for helping out with creating a world where players can enjoy playing with or even against other players.

We hope to get a test world done before we start to release the game to the public however so anyone who is qualified to take on this task will be greatly appreciated!

What we have planned for the project is we hope to create a project in which anyone, new or even experienced can enjoy the simplicity of said game.



Sounds great. Is there a team name or is that still up in the air. As in team name I mean possible company name? I am well educated and backgrounded in stuff like that for future plans and publishing. Teams have bills too so if things can be commercialized best try to do it. Buy beyond my managment and marketing background I also use to be the community manager at Unity3d forums back in the day as well as the mapper for most of the Kanto region in Pokemon World Online.  I would love to bring my experience into the frey. I did however have a project well planned myself with a good backing for it already with 600 likes on FB but will consider taking a step back and putting it on the shelf for a later time if that can be managable.

At the moment, I currently do not know if there is a team/company name(I work for Voltisoft but being freelance, I can technically work for anyone).  We would like to see some examples as to what you can bring to the table! As for your project, I am sorry to hear that you are pausing your project for disclosed issues(?) however we’d be glad to see some examples of anyone’s work at anytime possible.



Who runs this project then?

The current owner is Sinnix803, I am merely a programmer for Sinnix.



Is he on these forums or anyway I could contact him, thanks!

Yes actually, you can contact him on here through the username “Sinnix803”



I just want to work on a project that has room to grow financially as we all know free and bills do not go hand in hand. So the game will need commercial goals as well as long term stability within the team/company.

Please let Sin know I have sent him a detailed PM here on the forums!

Ok.  and here is an updated screen just for reference.   My DPI is messed up so ignored that.

Something quick!

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