Problem with key and Door

I want to do this.

I have an item (key) in my inventory -> have it I open the door ( everybody comming later can go through that door too) (I mean that door open forever)

And I set page 1 like this

Page 2

And the result is: no need the key, that door still open. Other way, if i have key in my inventory the system not take my key away.

And if and set page 1 like this

The Result is: If player don’t have a key, the door don’t appear. Its mean, player just see a wall without door.

Somebody help me ….

You have to move your event actions under the said condition.

I do what you said, but player don’t have the door still open

You need to move not only the “Take Key” event, but also the player switch, which is the part, that opens the door. 🙂

ok , thank a lot ^^!

For everyone wouldnt you need to make it global?

If you want one player to open the door for everyone you need to use self switch.

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