Highway Trouble

First game In construct. I plan to add-on and add different graphics.


What it has right now:

-Random Car spawn

-Moving bushes



-2 Lane mode (Added 9/27/14)

What I want to add:

-Custom player cars

-Random car images

-Better graphics


-Madness Mode

-Difficulty selector

-Maybe more…


-Cars will collide and delete each other, this is due to my lazy way to stop overlapping cars

-Score doesnt reset (Fixed 9/27/14)

Eye Candy!:

Game Over

2 Lane

Good job on this. I played it for a bit, it looks great.

Played for a little while was fun :), you should make it speedup the longer you go. Also yea maybe make sure you dont spawn cars on top of each other. You should check for it before you spawn.

I played it for a bit, seems like a fun game, I’d just increase your car’s turning a little, not needed but may help. Also, I agree with Marsh ^.


-Fixed Score bug

-Added 2 lane mode

-Made a screen after death so you can read score

Plans for next update:

-Fix collision bug

-Increase speed of cars over time

-Better Graphics (maybe)

Same Link: http://ghngames.com/ht

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