Client version

Hi all, please tell me what to do, I change client version in VB6, then the game does not start, says that the version is outdated, thanks in advance!
Somebody tell me what I need to change version of client in the server, can somebody tell me where?

! Sorry for my english, I’am from Russia  :embarrassed:

If you changed something in mod constants make sure you also changed it on the server as well(if possible).

If you change the client version in the client, you must also change it in the server.

Check out server-side:

Public Const CLIENT_MAJOR As Byte = 1
Public Const CLIENT_MINOR As Byte = 3
Public Const CLIENT_REVISION As Byte = 0

Make sure those numbers are equal to the version you put in the client (App.Major, App.Minor, App.Revision).

Okey, thank you all!

Where exactly does the customer code need to be modified?

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