Need team for Sci Fi RPG Outreach

Project name: Outreach

Years ago made a small Pokemon MMO, very minimalistic but was fun. It was neat but never had a way to go anywhere. Fast forward years later I have much experience in running game projects both 2D and 3D in several of todays hot engines. I have recent experience in UE4 and Unity 4.x+. I have played around in several engines and several game genres. But my recent project became too big for what resources we have and decided to turn it from 3D to now 2D. For that I need to revamp my team and get some dedicated artist and coders onboard for this project. It being 2D means we need a vast number of artists. I myself am a graphic artist and know a few programming languages. I am fairly new to the Eclipse origins engine as it was years ago when I used Eclipse. I am a web designer/developer and freelance graphics artist. I need mostly as of now the following……

**Pixel Artist


Conceptual Artist



This game was originally for UE4 as a 3D FPS based game. I am keeping the storyline and most elements aside from the 3D aspects. The game is called “Outreach

Here is the current FB page for it as I will need to make a few changes to the page soon but you get the idea.

I have a few concepts and designs already done that will be recycled for this project as well as a full custom soundtrack for the games and a few other assets. I even have some custom GUI in play.

I am 24 years old incase you would like to know and would appreciate any new members be honest about their age as well. We can only take members 16+ of age as I plan to make this an established company in the near future. I have business management experience as well as marketing, advertising, and running social media campaigns.

We will run on a organized and well planned out system using tools such as hangouts/Skype for meeting and communication. We will do weekly bug tests of the game. We will have position leads for both code and art side during development. Attendance is a big one. Unless you have personal issues your allowed just 7 days away without notification before you are kicked. Please be active and dedicated.

The game will be science fiction based shooter. But will have many RPG elements in it.

The rough concept of the project:

In the near future Earth became unlivable. As such we began preparing to move to our new home, Mars! The move took almost 60 years to complete, creating an artificial atmosphere was challenging but the Worlds best scientist managed. As we began to slowly say goodbye to Earth it happened!

The day was referred to as “The Awakening”. The skies turned dark red, the air grew thin, and things started to happen. The terror we left on Earth seems to have followed us on Mars, but now it is even worse. With people dying and food becoming scarce, scientists had to find a solution. People would disappear, our newly built cities deserted, all in a matter of days. Earth was dying anyways so we just thought to leave with no worries of the terror. Now we have nowhere else to run and must fight this terror to survive. Researchers and scientist have gathered and now are preparing a team of soldiers to go out into the New World and discover the truth behind this curse that has marked us all. Aliens, disease, or fate? We must find an answer. We must survive The Awakening!


Q) How did people survive the 60 year transfer to their new World?

A) They were put in Cryogenic Sleep Chambers, these were still in prototype stages but had to be used. (Fact: Over 270,000 people survived the massacre on Earth, only 67,000 made it off the planet. Of the 67,000 only 20% were adults. Younger children were saved to help rebuild the new World and to grow up as future warriors to protect us. After 89% of those 67,000 were put into sleep roughly ½ died do to complications over the course of the 60 year span. the exact number of survivors now is not exactly known. The 11% of soldiers and researchers that did not sleep made life on the Airships and space centers as normal as possible while they constructed amazing advancements in technology that would allow for humanity to survive on Mars as a new Earth and to keep evolving itself on its own. This is how the next 60 years went. Some of the 11% awake during this time had children and they grew up as future researchers and security officers, roughly all of the original 11% died by time the 60 years passed. But they made several recorded logs and documents to have the sleepers well educated upon there awakenings. They also were educated by the spawn left behind of the 11%)

Q) What happened when the Sleepers woke up?

A)The sleepers upon being revived were put through an artificial training program to enhance their brains and learn rather quickly compared to any normal human. Only ½ could manage the will to take the immersive pain it took on the mind. So the failing ½ became workers, they would collect field data on the now newly built city on Mars. They also would work as technicians, engineers, and eventually forming a council. These were basically the new builder bees for humanity. Now for those other ½ that did pass the brain enhancer treatment, they went on to much more difficult test. The next test was physical enhancement. This test was a grueling method to take your human capabilities and enhance them x10. To do this drugs were constantly injected and you were just in hope your body and will did not break down. Only select few could handle the pain and even fewer could stay awake or avoid shock. Only 300 of this ½ made it. the other went on to be educators, heads of the council or researchers. The remaining 300 got to go through the final test. This test was known simply as Moon Waking.

Moon Waking was when a subject had to perform combat training such as martial arts are weapon handling while battling highly sophisticated security drones. They did this when the Moon rose till when the Sun came out. They did this an entire year. During that year overseers ranked the 300 based on overall performance. Only the elite were given names. 1-20 ranked soldiers were given names. 21-300 were just a number within the now called Out Reach organization. amongst the top 20 was the top 5, these were the elites. They out performed the top 6-20 by a large margin. These were known as the Moon Wakers and their leader and ranked #1 was Wolf. He was a survivor of the massacre 60 years back and also was a witness to a sighting of these unknown killers of humanity. he remembered what they did to his family and he filled his very soul with hatred for them. he himself claimed to be the killer of hatred so that nobody ever has to witness what he did 60 years ago again. This controlled rage made him an excellent weapon for humanity and landed him the hunters wisdom and cunning name of the great Wolf. Ranks 6-20 became royal soldiers and ranks 6-10 were royal commanders. These guys all lead the other 21-300.

Now as years went on and the new World kept building the population grew slightly and the test kept going on each year adding to everyone’s roles on their new home. The top 5 were still top 5 and the others ranks mixed up after new recruits were molded in. Wolf is now a young teenager roughly 15-16 years old and the call was finally made. He would lead a small squad into the unknown areas of Mars that was not yet under humanity’s rule. These areas were known Zero Zones. ZZ’s were areas not under the artificial barrier which house the artificial atmosphere for humans to live and breath as if on Earth. So they needed to wear specially designed armor suites. Wolfs has a trademark Wolf symbol on it and the cobalt blue style. They were also equipped with heavy ammunition in case of some issues that they were not prepared for. As they scoured the unknown areas they pick up signals of lifeforms, these were what we call now Scouts, they were little grunt like Animal/Alien type creatures. Weak on their own but deadly in a pack. At the time they noticed them and eventually killed one they took it back for research and the researches were in Horror of what they discovered. The DNA matched that of small samples taken back before Earth was destroyed. This clarified to many that we may now be on their home turf and or they followed us here.

This now brings us to current events in which play out in the game.

Q) What is this armor called that they wear?

A) The armor is called Cabel 1A, 1B, and X. Cabel 1A is for recon style soldiers. Cabel 1B is for heavily armed soldiers for impact assault. Lastly Cabel X is for the top 5 ranked elites, its a combination of both and is the lightest armor. It has to be lighter do to the high skill level of its users. they move so fast they needed lighter armor to take full advantage of it. It also has impact protection.

I hope I put enough information about the project in here. We will keep all assets private and use Google Drive to share among the team. I will keep weekly backups to protect our work.

We will create a Kickstarter campaign after we have enough content, a playable demo, and more designs prepared.

If you find this project interesting and you feel right for the project and want to be apart of our new team and build this great game together and establish ourselves please use one of the methods below to contact me, thanks!

Skype: mingerjosh

PM me
Reply to this thread
Email: [email protected]

Few questions, (Sorry if this is all on the facebook, cant reach facebook at school)

What engine are you planing to use? If custom what language?

What type of 2d game? (Side scrolling, tiled, pixel-movement)

Sounds interesting…

I will be using EO for engine 🙂 The game will be tile based like old Zelda/Pokemon, but with guns instead of swords!

Still in need of many people, thanks!

Still in need of many people, thanks!

Your concept and the amount of thought you’ve put into the project looks great.  I’d probably offer up my time as a developer if only you used .NET. 😞

Well i am not too concerned on the language I will be an artist myself mainly. I would go any route as long as I can get tiled type maps working and etc for the art and add networking capabilities. if you can contribute those features we have no issues. I along with others will provide art we just need some dedicated coders onboard to get these things ironed out.

I could offer up my time also, anyone language doesn’t mater I know most of the common languages. I have an engine started in C#/.Net (Its not finished though)

Well I would love to make this game a featured game on a new engine. It would be a great selling point! So if you and the other guy or one of the other want to assist me with the project then that would be great. We can fine tune the game and engine together to get the word out. Still need more artist though.

I love how much planning you have put into this, I tend to be a medieval RPG type of creator so I won’t help, but this does sound great!

Thanks! I think it would be something fun, new and above all unique! It is like metroid mixed with Halo, mixed with Digimon, Zelda, Pokemon all in one lol! A hybrid of hybrids.

The game may not get you to 0-60 in 3 seconds, but could make your middle leg stand up! 🙂

Well thought out, looks like a lot of effort put into it got some great programmers offering to help you out, hope to see this go far good luck!

Thnaks i plan too! 🙂 Also to those interested in helping out please add me on Skype and I will add you. So we can communicate much faster, thanks!

Really need artist.

Still need many positions filled, thanks!

Still need people thanks!

Please lock this for a later time as I have created a new project because this one is too out of scope for what I have to work with and nothing is moving along right now, thanks!

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