Few months ago I decided to hit up a good friend’s sister, who is also a pretty good friend of mine, to see how she was doing, after I heard some depressing news about her abusing Heroin, and overall just falling off. She SAID she was clean… I can’t believe that, right? Junkies will be junkies… but, who knows maybe I’ll make a difference and help her change for the better. Not just for her own good, but her for kids’ well being and their future. Sometimes, yeah, you’ll fuck up in life… but if you’re my friend, I feel as if it’s my job to get you back on the right path. Basically, I told her if she needs help, mentally or physically, I’ll be there for her in her time of need. Today, I hit her up to hang out, drink a few beers, just chill out and talk; help her get her mind off of the daily struggle that is recovery.

So, it looks like she’s clean to me… She looks good, she’s been gaining weight again, and doesn’t even remotely look like she’s touched Heroin in quite some time. Actually, she hasn’t even smoked weed in a few months, or rather the last time I hit her up to hang out. Honestly, it just made me feel really good about her situation. We’re just bullshitting, laughing and overall enjoying ourselves, having a good time out in the cold weather.

Fuck, even if everything I told her just went in one ear and out the other, at least she’s clean and doing good for herself. Although, I’m sure something I said made a difference, even if it was the smallest difference it helps. Just remind them that someone is there for them, and that you’ll always be there for them… you’ll see that even the smallest thing can go a really long way. If anyone here knows someone struggling with addiction, don’t fight, don’t argue… just talk. Even if they aren’t listening, they’ll remember it, and maybe one day when they’re trying to recover, they’ll remember that you were there for them and have a friendly reminder that they don’t need it, they can just call you.

So guys… be their reason to keep their head up high, and continue living with confidence.

~Copy & Pasted from my post on another forum ~