Hey people 🙂

Just wondering if anyone is playing ArcheAge? I’ve been addicted through-out BETA and it still has me hooked!

Got a few streams of the game if you wanna check out what its all about: Twitch

Currently got a level 33 DarkRunner on EU Shatigon Server. However servers a being hammered with players, so some queues can take the Micheal to get in, but worth it when you do get to play.

Massive Sandbox MMO - Build, own and sail ships over a vast ocean discovering some cool places. Build houses (when there’s space!!), farms and vehicles. Breed beasts to either mount or have along side in battle. Glide the skies on some cool gliders! With loads more cool features.

If anyone fancies it or has a character on said server then give me a Whisper n we’ll go kill some sh… names RecoStar 🙂

P.s. I don’t work for archeage either lol even though I sound like I’m selling, but its a free to play game and I’m just really enjoying it… so far

Blunder of the year.

If I could never get it to work, I can only play for 5 min or so then it BSOD’s :S It looks like a really fun game

Pretty boring game 😛

Ive only seen people play it on twitch, it looks very time consuming you have to wait to gain points to do anything big…

I might try it in the winter holiday…

I tried it during beta. I was not impressed at all with it.

The Patron system feels like a sneaky pay-to-win system, and there are a limited amount of places in the game I heard to claim as your land. So it is a first come first serve basis, which means people with Patron will get to these places first.

I also did not like the quest system, it felt rubbish and like every other MMO, when this game gave us the vibe that it would offer a more dynamic experience, but it did not. I looked up some videos of Archeage for people who played it a lot, and seems like the only thing it really offers is a crafting system to get the best items and a massive grind fest. It also seems to have mounts which can engage in combat, but that is not enough for me to play the game.

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