Currently working on Space Wars 2.0 (SWIFT, More FPS, ECT)

Hello, just posting some of my work on IOS :S The apps showcased here are released

The Space Wars ($0.99) ~

(Since I’m legaly not old enough to have my own developer account my its in my mothers name)

The Space Wars is an arcade game written in AS3, currently in upgrade for IOS8 with new SWIFT language (Much faster than AS3)

The new version will be free with advertisements you can pay to remove


The Spartan Post (Free) ~

(The account is under my school, they first got me this account.)

This app is going to be under edits for the new language & IOS8 but working on 4 apps at a time is hard :S

Its basically an app that brings my school together with news, morning videos, scores (soon) contacts push notifications ect. All data on the app can be edited by a website written in php

! The screen shots are older than the app sorry XD I should update them…


A Game of some sorts dealing with you (the player) being an antivirus and fighting off viruses ~ (Free with advertisements and buying levels / antivirus upgrades)

A app for the high school football ref’s to check ruling on plays and penalties ($10.00 ~ could change this was recommended by my computer teacher (He is a ref))