Wurm Online

No its not about worms.


‘The Sandbox MMO’ Voxelbased Sandbox MMO

Awesome game you can do pretty much anything in midevil time, create a house, a kingdom, a boat/ship, fight giant spiders, dragons wolf bear ect

The game is really immerse you have to cut down trees then sit there and craft logs for hours (This part is boring…) Mine ores (Its voxel based) clear/flatten land

I’ve only played the game up till creating my own house (took 24 hours)  last year, lost my username/password :S

Has anyone played this? I get bored starting over alone 😧

Never heard of it, Looks neat though, i might give it a try. Add me on skype and we can chat on there about it

Forgot to say you can build ships to sail between servers and wage wars on the other servers kingdom

I might sound a bit extravagant and picky, but I do not like the quality of it, I want games either 2D or high-poly 3D.

Its created in java, you can create your own textures and models if you would like it downloads a defualt texture and sound pack you can change pretty sure I have to check when I get home

Okay so when you say “Voxelbased” I think minecraft and this game definitely has higher quality graphics then minecraft. 🙂

Looks pretty interesting and I may give it a shot when I have some time. Thanks for the share.

The only thing similar to minecraft is the tiles, although in Wurm you can level tiles so you can build on it, almost has nothing to do with boxes its just how the land works

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